Intra-mart framework

Business Process Platform

The intra-mart framework is a proven technology offering remarkable expertise and has been implemented by more than 4,800 companies inside and outside of Japan especially its high-performance workflow solution.

Intra-mart is a technology platform that connects with multiple business applications to provide a common framework for process automation and workflow management. The solution has been used across various industry domains, including insurance, public sector, financial services and retail, and is used by over 5,000 companies and 200 partners in Japan and across Asia Pacific.


  • Easy to integrate with existing system
  • Design route with ease by drag and drop function
  • Smoothen business with mobile device support and work delegate function
  • By OCR integration, data input task will be reduced
  • Offer both capability and competence from simple application form approval to business processes control within enterprise
  • More simple but high-secure with authority setting and single sign-on (SSO) support

Intra-mart Framework

Intra-mart Platform

Intra-mart for Your Business

Intra-mart can be adapted to variety of business processes and industries. It provides; for instance, solution for procurement, HR, and many in general. Also, it can support the particular process in specific industry such as claim process and underwriting process for insurance industry, or further.

The system offers rich available functions so it's easy and ready use; but contribute tailor-made solution with understanding your unique business.