Collaboration Management

Collaboration Management

Facilitate collaboration among the all stakeholders by sharing information on one groupware and social platform.


IM Box & Work Space realizes efficient communication in company without using mail tool. Important information should be shared promptly with appropriate persons. Additionally, group company employee also could join communication and share opinion/file etc. So, knowledge / information sharing in group also should be enhanced / smoothed.

NTT DATA Thailand provided the collaboration solution using intra-mart solution to client to support everyone can make “Work Space” and communicate by “IMBOX”. It makes collaboration value to client with high speed communication, scheduling monitoring, manage To-Do-List, knowledge sharing as well as access anywhere and anytime.

Speed Up All Stakeholders' Collaboration with real-time information sharing


"Workspace" & "IMBox" realize Real-time information sharing

All of the members who are assigned to "Workspace" are able to confirm the latest important issue anytime they want. The communication on IMBox enables to shorten time to consume for exchanging e-mail drastically. And important information is all centered on the spot, and members are able to response one another promptly.


Make smooth relationship with even external stakeholders

Since intra-mart can control access authority flexibly, external stakeholders, such as group companies, suppliers and even customers, are able to share information securely on Groupware. Besides "Timeline" function enables to communicate with customers easily.


Enable to Generate great breakthrough by team collaboration

Groupware + Workspace + IMBox assort tools which can increase team-collaboration power to generate new business idea. It is possible to proceed to next action easily because all materials are already there. Moreover, anyone need not concern where to work. They can communicate from anywhere.