Procurement Management

Procurement Management

Improve the communication by visualization of process, and solve business issues without changing current business process.


Today, different organizations employ various management techniques to carry out the efficient functioning of their departments. Procurement management is one such form of management, where goods and services are acquired from a different organization or firm.

All organizations deal with this form of management at some point in the life of their businesses. It is in the way the procurement is carried out and the planning of the process that will ensure the things run smoothly.

i-Procurement management is known to help an organization to save much of the money spent when purchasing goods and services from outside. It also has several other advantages.

NTT DATA Thailand has provided iProcurement system to our client for utilizes workflow and support business right from purchase application to receipt. Visualization of business process across department increases overall productivity and leads to improvement of revenue and expenditure by cutting waste.

Realize the governance enhancement and business improvement of purchase

Productivity Enhancement by Communication Improvemen


Share the status between engaged person by visualizing the status of purchasing business, to increase productivity by activation of communication. Shorten the lead time and prompt the swift order of necessary material by finding and improving the work that become bottleneck.

Enable to reduce cases of over budget purchasing


Purchase process is linked to budget data automatically and approver can check the budget condition whenever he/she wants, so that approver can make correct judgment based on real-time budget condition. It leads appropriate budget control and to reduce over budget purchasing.

Prevent production delay by involving suppliers


Prevent production delay by involving suppliers Visualize the communication of all stake holders related to purchase, by maximizing advantage of feature of Web system and making it the system platform that can be used from outside, in other word, can involve suppliers. Shorten the period until quotation receipt, the process after quotation issuance, and , especially for direct material, prevent the production delay caused by delay of material.

Sure Step to Internal Control Enhancement


Keep the history of when and who approve what. Manage and link all related document as evidence. Take preventive measure against possible issues of internal control.