Sales Management

Realize the standardization of business by workflow. Consolidate scattered data, and strongly support Sales Management from various angles.

iSales system

Sales people strive to build relationships while they manage multiple leads, quotes, and deals in various stages of the sales funnel. It can be difficult to keep everything straight. An iSales system can simplify this process for you, helping you form a strategic plan to win more deals and increasing your ability to stay organized, regardless of how many things you have on the go at one time.

An iSales system that is right for you can help you close more deals. You will be better equipped to manage multiple quotes at various stages and you'll have vital info at your fingertips. An effective iSales system will allow you to easily track and report on various pieces of information related to your sales pipeline, your future forecast, historical information, contact details, and more.

NTT DATA Thailand has provided iSales system to our client for fast and seamless management of sales activities including quotation, sales order, shipping, and aftersales. Visualization of sales activity provides prompt and accurate information, support to customers, and increase customer satisfaction and sales.

iSales system

Speedily and Seamlessly Manage from Quotation to Order Receipt

Acquire Customer Contact Point in Multiple Channels


Support many sales channels by taking advantage of feature of Web system. The will make possible the realization of deal that match with customer's request and delicate care of each customer.

Effective Utilization of Quotation Information, Business Streamlining


Utilize the history information or quotation information in the past, to streamline the quotation work each time. Eliminate the work dependent on individual skills and resolve the variation of quotation accuracy, by sharing those information.

Reduce Risk by Credit Management Using Workflow


Realize the Credit Management, effective for business without loosing substance, by approving or setting the credit line by workflow and prompting periodical revision. If the Order Receipt decision flow is implemented, it will lead to avoidance of risk related to Order Receipt.

Support Strategic Sales Activity by Sales Receipt Analysis


Analyze the Order Receipt data from multiple angles, and make it possible to timely grasp the major customers or hot-selling products. It also provide various viewpoints such as area-wise, period-wise.