Space-E Mold

Fulfills functions to support injection mold designers covered concept design to details design.

Space-E Mold

Space-E Mold

Space-E Mold fulfills functions to support injection mold designers covered concept design to details. Total support from design to CAM by effective utilization of the design data collected.


Arrange Mold Parts Function

Arrange mold

There are many commands to automatically place mold parts (puller bolt, guide pin, ejector pin, etc.), you can change dimensions of the parts and mounting location easily after deployment. Also, it can be changed in conjunction with a hole drilled in the plate.

User Parts Registration


By setting a reserved word in parameters of the user parts, this command creates the link to the parameter automatically when arranged. Additional constraints face can be set to a reserved word.

User Parts

User Parts

Users can define their own parts as user parts.

Check Interference Dynamically

Check Inte

You can check dynamic interference by definition of constraint. When interference has occurred, operations are stopped and interference place is highlighted. Reduction of design mistakes and confirmation of mold feasibility by this function in advance.

“Kiri” Hole Auto Optimization

Hole Auto

Length and position are automatically adjusted to keep the clearance in cooling.

Cooling Channel (Trim Intersection)


Easy to place a new cooling channel which intersect existing pipes. If you move a cooling channel, the intersecting channel will move together.

Integration with Customization / Excel VBA

Integration Cus

You can customize to suit your design style by combining the Excel VBA and FDLI (Space-E customize language).

Drawing and Report

Drawing Report

Automatically create a parts list and dimension line of a hole position inside the hole table list. Changing the hole diameter and hole position in the model, the drawing is updated in conjunction automatically.

Interface to CAM Drilling System

Interface CAM

Create a blending surface with variation using Space-E/Global Deformation.


Electrode (Standard Function)


Drawing for EDM (Standard Function)

Drawing EDM

Link CAM (Space-E/CAM)

Link CAM

Output EPX (Option)

Output EPX