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Zero Trust: Your Digital Transformation Requires a Risk Transformation

New and evolving technology landscapes need evenly-matched cybersecurity: as new opportunities arise through digital tools, so too do new risks. Using a framework such as Zero Trust – which assumes every entity attempting to access the system or network may have malicious intent and therefore, as a default, should not be trusted – provides the visibility and controls needed for modern businesses to protect themselves and their customers.

19 July 2022 • 1 min read

As businesses modernize their technology landscape, users and data are no longer protected by the corporate firewall. A new cybersecurity strategy is required.

While the cloud provides unsurpassed agility, it also exposes new threats. Any digital transformation must be accompanied by an innovative and comprehensive approach to reduce risk and keep your people (and their data) safe.

Zero Trust dates back over a decade, based on the ‘never trust, always verify’ concept coined by Forrester’s John Kindervag in 2009, and – combined with the mathematics behind no trust vs distrust, in the contexts of computing and human nature – offers businesses a clear framework for protecting users and the organization alike.

In this white paper, you’ll discover:

  • Zero Trust’s key principles of ‘secure access’, ‘least privilege’ and ‘assume breach’ and what they mean in practice;
  • Why this concept matters in today’s cybersecurity and technology environment, yielding as it does a defense-in-depth strategy, mitigating risks and limiting vulnerabilities (and saving the business a lot of money);
  • What should be prioritized to get started, from identity and access management, to network security, infrastructure and governance (with regard to governance, for example, has your organization embraced automation yet? Automation has led to average savings of $3.58 million in the event of a breach, only compounded when you consider a reduction in support hours).

Download to read the full white paper and find out how to apply Zero Trust to both protect your organization today and give you the flexibility to grow into the future.

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