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By Ian BowerDirector, Business Design Lead, NTT DATA UK , Caroline CarruthersAward-winning data expert, author and co-founder of global data consultancy Carruthers and Jackson

Is the Cloud Damaging the Planet?

By Bill WilsonChief Sustainability Officer and Head of Data & Intelligence Solutions, NTT DATA UK

Recent media coverage, such as BBC’s Panorama program that aired on 6th February, would lead some to conclude that cloud computing stands in opposition to environmental sustainability. The claim is focused on the ‘greedy’ data centers that support consumer applications such as Facebook and TikTok, which seem so essential to modern life. However, there is a strong pro-sustainability argument for the cloud.

5 Minutes On… Navigating Complexity With Data

By Caroline CarruthersAward-winning data expert, author and co-founder of global data consultancy Carruthers and Jackson

What the Future Digitalized Energy System Means for UK Energy Providers

By Eduardo FernandezUK Head of Gas, Power and Water, NTT DATA UK

As the UK energy industry collectively works towards the government’s ambitious emission reduction targets, robust digital strategy and unified data principles will be the bedrock for successful cross-sector modernization.

Data Partnerships as an Engine of Growth

By Bill WilsonChief Sustainability Officer and Head of Data & Intelligence Solutions, NTT DATA UK

Modern digital platforms are hungry for data. Personalized digital experiences, accurate risk forecasting and powerful predictions that result in energy-efficient infrastructure all start with raw data. Greater situational awareness enables both faster responses to an uncertain business environment and leaner operations. But there’s a quiet technology transformation underway that allows organizations to reach for data beyond their boundaries as never before.

Acting on Data and Digitalization

By Caroline CarruthersAward-winning data expert, author and co-founder of global data consultancy Carruthers and Jackson

When times are uncertain and we don’t have the comfortable leeway we are used to, how can we use the basics to uncover the diamonds in the rock pile? How does data drive the digital agenda to overcome the perceived panacea of technology, and get to the answers which make a difference?

Fortune Favors the Bold When it Comes to New Technologies

By Mersun SezerHead of Industry Focused Consulting Services, NTT DATA Business Solutions

In today’s unpredictable climate, embracing new technology and rethinking how we share supply chain data will be key to adapting (and thriving) in the face of challenges. Amidst unprecedented global uncertainty, bold action is the strongest move.

Transformative Stickiness: Embracing the Who, What and Why in Data-Driven Organizations

By Kim CurleyVice President, Workforce Readiness Consulting, NTT DATA Services

Uncertainty and disruption are, ironically, the only certainties on the business horizon, bringing with them complexities and unplanned eventualities that demand organizations be agile, flexible and internally disruptive. Following the data with strategic intent is key to shaping how the organization faces these forces, and how it supports its people as they too experience the complexities of change in uncertain times.

The Race is On to Drive Drama Out of Digital

By Wayne BuschGroup President - Consulting & Digital Transformation Services, NTT DATA Services

Amid today’s widespread economic turbulence and uncertainty across global markets, businesses are under pressure to build and maintain organizational resilience through digital transformation. But how should they do this without getting swept up in the drama of external disruption?

Zero Trust: Your Digital Transformation Requires a Risk Transformation

New and evolving technology landscapes need evenly-matched cybersecurity: as new opportunities arise through digital tools, so too do new risks. Using a framework such as Zero Trust – which assumes every entity attempting to access the system or network may have malicious intent and therefore, as a default, should not be trusted – provides the visibility and controls needed for modern businesses to protect themselves and their customers.

Zero Trust – It Begins With Identity Management

By Christian KochSenior Vice President Cybersecurity and Lead for IoT/OT NTT DATA DACH

Zero trust is a necessary evolution for businesses to be cyber secure in our digital modern landscape. To eliminate cyber risk and threats, businesses can implement a zero trust approach to protect data and systems every step of the way.

Establishing Trust in Data for Businesses

By Theresa KushnerHead of North America Innovation Center, NTT DATA Services

Obtaining data can open up a whole wealth of business opportunities, as long as the data is valid and trustworthy. However, having incorrect, outdated or inaccurately sampled data can be damaging and costly. In such turbulent times, how can we secure data integrity for the best outcomes for businesses?

Why Intelligent Applications Build Better Relationships With Customers

By Dragoş CăţoiuHead of Private Sector, NTT DATA Romania

With skilful use of technology and data, businesses today can create intelligent customer experiences that outclass anything that was previously possible. Intelligent applications – those that use AI and predictive analytics to provide personalised, actionable outcomes – cannot be overlooked for those wanting to get (or stay) ahead.

The Compassionate Corporation: A Pragmatic Approach to People-Centric Transformation

By Michael GoodmanVP of Business Insights, NTT DATA Services , Kim CurleyVice President, Workforce Readiness Consulting, NTT DATA Services , Lisa WoodleyGeneral Manager - Northeast, Nexient an NTT DATA Company

How can businesses change and grow in a way that’s both practical for the organisation and empathetic to the individuals that make it up? The first step is understanding that people are always the drivers, as well as the agents, of change. Leaders must now rethink their growth strategy and take a humanity-meets-pragmatism approach to driving their business forward.

How to Use Data Science to Make Faster and Better Decisions

By Daan van BeekFounder and CEO of Passionned Group and author of Data Science for Decision-Makers

Could it be possible to make your organisation twice as agile? When businesses behave intelligently, they use data science to facilitate a culture of continual, democratised decision-making, which can cut response times in half.

How workload automation can be a game-changer

By Stefan SchwiegerSenior Managing Consultant, NTT DATA DACH

Most companies use workload automation software to automate business processes. However, reality also shows that a patchwork of different solutions quickly reaches its limits if end-to-end control across applications, data and infrastructures cannot be guaranteed.

Don’t Sleep on Data: Three Steps to Diving In

By Shamlan SiddiqiVice President, Data Advisory & Transformation Group, NTT DATA Services

Driving Intelligence With an Automation Strategy That’s Right for Your Business

By Felipe Antonio BustosSenior Business Manager, NTT DATA Europe & LATAM

Instead of allowing technology to drive business decision-making, intelligent leaders must thoroughly examine how automation and other market-changing technologies can best complement their business strategy – not define it.

Data-Driven and Intelligent: How SAP Helps Organisations Perform at Their Best

By Ricardo LangaSAP Value Proposition Head, NTT DATA Europe & LATAM

Actionable intelligence from rich data gives you immediate competitive advantage. Once you trust these insights enough to devolve some decision-making to automated systems, then you are on the way to being a data-driven enterprise.

Amplifying Employee Satisfaction With Analytics

By Silvia LippiConsulting Engagement Manager, NTT DATA Italy

Covid has changed almost everything about how we work, and now HR is undergoing a revolution. HR’s most important role, arguably, is improving the employee experience – in turn contributing to profitability, competitiveness and, of course, the happiness of the workforce. Here’s how data and analytics support this aim.

5 Minutes On… Carbon Footprint Measurement

By Bill WilsonChief Sustainability Officer and Head of Data & Intelligence Solutions, NTT DATA UK

The Most Important Data Challenge There’s Ever Been

By Bill WilsonChief Sustainability Officer and Head of Data & Intelligence Solutions, NTT DATA UK

With strong pressure in B2B coming from supply chain and investment funding to be able to prove sustainability goals, robust data is vital. Despite the complexity, organisations must work towards the big picture of data collection and analysis within their business now, to be in position to take the opportunities that carbon emission data can provide.

Seven Tools for Sustainability Success

By Kristoffer Nilaus TarpHead of Sustainability Practice, NTT DATA Business Solutions Nordic Region

We don’t have time to think conceptually about sustainability operations anymore – we must act. Results on the ground are what we need to move the needle, but many leaders aren’t sure how to get started. With this toolkit, you can put theory into practice now.

Innovating With Data in a Rapidly Changing World

By Ian McVicarDirector, Data & Intelligence, NTT DATA UK

Businesses are too focused on their desired data end-state being advanced analytics and machine learning. With increasingly rapid change and radically fluctuating consumer behaviours, historical data is a poor guide to the future. Partnering to establish data-sharing ecosystems is the future of assessing innovation success.

The Media Sector Transformed in Covid Times

By Andrea FravegaHead of Media, NTT DATA Italia

Covid has accelerated the trend towards “digitally-oriented” consumers. Companies in the media sector must be ready to seize the opportunities linked to this evolution, investing in key areas including security, data and blockchain. This will be crucial for companies in the media sector to survive in a hyper-competitive and fragmented market.

Accelerating Data Insights to Steer Smoothly Through Crisis

By Michael GardnerSenior Manager of Data and Analytics, NTT DATA UK

Leaders will do well to remember that crises always present opportunities for improvement and advancement. By embracing agility and using data and analytics to their best advantage, leaders will be in a stronger position to navigate through the near-term challenges that the pandemic has raised.

Sharpening the Organisational Senses: Lessons From Telecoms Data Leaders

By Bill WilsonChief Sustainability Officer and Head of Data & Intelligence Solutions, NTT DATA UK

If the modern firm is an organism living through rapid and complex changes in its ecosystem, then data insight provides its sensory information. Using data to drive decision-making, as has long been the case for telecoms companies, holds the key to continual adaptation and improvement.

Collaborating through Adversity

By Eddie CopelandDirector at London Office of Technology and Innovation

The London Office of Technology and Innovation (LOTI) connects the London’s 33 boroughs and during the pandemic has focused on three key areas of collaboration to help London - sharing knowledge, collaborating on new ideas and mitigating the risk of innovation.

Thwarting the Effects of Black Swan Events with Data

By Alessandro SantiHead of Data Intelligence Consulting, NTT DATA Italy

In a world where uncertainty is the only thing that is certain, data quality and data semantics have the potential to minimise the impact of unexpected events. Data intelligence can add value, optimise business processes, and help build stable foundations that can hold the organisation steady when it hits the next unpredictable event.

How to Succeed at Corporate Innovation

By Peter JacksonDirector of Group Data Sciences, Legal & General