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Issue 8

Growth in Uncertain Times

Today’s C-suite are facing more challenges than ever. But within the disruption, new opportunities for collaboration, leadership and growth are emerging. Staying ahead of the technological curve and focusing on long-term customer value is how companies can survive the storm and come out stronger on the other side.

Issue 7

The Connected Future Workplace

The working environment is evolving fast and all organizations need to keep up and support their people – wherever and whoever they are – to sustain competitive advantage.

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Issue 6

The Trust Imperative

As consumers and employees alike pay more and more attention to the business practices and social impact of brands, only businesses that demonstrate authenticity and social responsibility will have a license to operate.

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Issue 5

The Intelligent Organisation

Every organisation’s survival is predicated on its ability to adapt and respond to changes in the environment. By leveraging the power of data and automation technologies to empower each and every employee and decentralise control, organisations can redefine themselves – and become truly intelligent.

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Issue 4

The Sustainability Transformation

Transforming towards a sustainable business model with a focus on the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit is crucial in the fight against climate change. The business advantage is increased efficiency and resilience, reduced organisational risk and a surge in commercial opportunity.

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Issue 3

Agility in the Age of Disruption

The emerging post-Covid world will show that enterprises without the ability to continually adapt to current and future change through operational, cultural and organisational agility, will be unable to compete effectively.

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Issue 2

Innovation without Boundaries

To survive this decade, organisations must innovate by taking risks and making fast decisions. The most successful will be those that can build strong, collaborative ties with their customers, partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders - and drive innovation across boundaries.

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Issue 1

A Culture of Entrepreneurs

How do you create the right cultural platform to attract and retain entrepreneurial employees, and help drive growth during disruption?

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