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Peter Fisk

Global thought leader and author of Gamechangers

Peter Fisk is a global thought leader, CEO of London-based strategic accelerator GeniusWorks, and a professor of leadership, strategy and innovation at IE Business School in Madrid. His 30 years in business spans superconductivity physics, supersonic travel brands and digital start-ups. He is author of 9 books in 35 languages, including “Creative Genius: An innovation guide for business leaders”, “Gamechangers: Innovation strategies for business and brands” and just published “Business Recoded: Have the courage to create a better future for yourself and your business”.

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Unlocking Potential to become an Organisational da Vinci

By Peter Fisk Global thought leader and author of Gamechangers

One of the biggest challenges faced by leaders is connecting the diverse perspectives and skills inside, and outside, the organisation in order to focus innovation efforts. Peter Fisk, takes us through what we can learn from Microsoft’s renaissance under Satya Nadella.

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