Latest Issue : Growth in Uncertain Times

Technology, Talent and the Hidden Benefits of Taking the Road Less Traveled

By Leana Dos Santos Head of Group Technology Communications, Legal & General

As the tech industry continues to expand in both scope and reach, creating products that touch every part of our lives, the innovative potential and power of including more ‘outsider’ perspectives within the sector – and bringing in those from different industries and backgrounds entirely – should not be underestimated.

The Business Opportunities and Challenges of Sustainability 2.0

By Prof. Rupert Baumgartner Professor for Sustainability Management at Graz University and Head of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Sustainable Product Management in a Circular Economy

The New Chief Experience Officer is an Applied Behavioral Scientist

By Matt Wallaert Founder of and Author of Start At The End

Scenario Planning: A Tool for Navigating Future Turbulence

By Paul Schoemaker Former Research Director of the Mack Center for Innovation Management at the Wharton School and author of Advanced Introduction to Scenario Planning

In the midst of uncertain times that only look set to continue, one thing is particularly crucial to an organization’s ability to navigate confidently: the ability – and agility – to envision and strategize for multiple possible futures.

Earning Trust and Customer Capital Through Integrity

By Ilenia Vidili Customer centricity advisor, keynote speaker and author of Journey to Centricity

Trust is what defines a business. To gain the utmost respect of not just their customers, but their employees, partners and communities, companies must earn their trust. But earning high levels of trust from people external to the business must begin with an internal commitment to integrity.

Innovative Culture

Responding to Disruption with a Culture of Creative Innovation

By Caroline Miller OBE CEO of the Birmingham Royal Ballet

Caroline talks to CXO about how the Birmingham Royal Ballet has pivoted from physical to digital with such success, and why their unique creative culture has helped them survive the pandemic.

The Purpose-Driven Corporate: Reimagining the Power of Business

By Debbie Haski-Leventhal CSR expert, professor of management at Macquarie Business School and author of Strategic CSR: A Holistic Approach to Responsible and Sustainable Business

How Businesses Can Serve the Greater Good

By Sergio Oliveira Director of Research & Development, NTT DATA Business Solutions Brazil

Reasons to be Cheerful: Why It Pays To Be Optimistic About Sustainability

By Thomas Geiger Senior Director, Strategic Industry and Management Advisory, NTT DATA DACH

More than a legal obligation to meet governmental targets, consumers, employees and investors are all pointing towards a sustainable future. We can see that sustainability presents a number of profitable opportunities. So, the question is: can you afford to be left behind?

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Leadership in Disruption

Leadership in a Changing World

Gender Equality – The New Leadership Advantage

By Raluca Melnic CFO, NTT DATA Romania

In today’s fast-changing markets, where adaptability is key to success, traditional leadership thinking is too rigid to effectively respond to unexpected events. What’s needed instead at a senior level is a vibrant mix of thought and opinions that can deliver creative solutions to unexpected events. This means that organizations with greater gender balance at the highest level are much better equipped to remain competitive.

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5 Minutes On… Driving Systemic Change with Information

By John Beckford Partner at Beckford Consulting, President at the Cybernetics Society, professor and author

John gives CXO 5 minutes on why leaders must prioritise adaptability above all else, what cyber-effectiveness is and how it relates to organisational intelligence, and why doing things differently is critical to our survival.

Change at Scale

Workforce Transformation: An Employee Perspective

By Kunal Koul Managing Director, Digital Consulting and Advisory, NTT DATA Services

The Hybrid Office: A Work in Progress

By Klaus Strack Managing Director, Business Unit Germany, NTT DATA Business Solutions

Designing Organisation Agility

By Naomi Stanford Author of Organisation Design: The Practitioner's Guide

To go beyond the surface-level of this century’s buzziest word and design a truly agile organisation, enterprises need to understand the intricacies of agility. And beyond that, they need to examine whether an agile approach is likely to benefit their organisation at all.

White Paper: The Big Pivot – From Disruption to Digital Transformation

No industry has been left untouched by the pandemic. Since its onset, companies have been in a constant state of heightened flux: adjusting, recovering or strategising for the future, and all eyes have been on the technology that has helped carry them through. As the economy starts to recover, organisations must pivot to meet any challenge head-on.

Emerging Tech

Ushering in a New Era of Customer Engagement with Digital Twins

By David de Castro Pérez Innovation Manager, NTT DATA Europe & LATAM

It’s the next big thing in understanding and engaging customers: building a virtual replica of the business ecosystem, and leveraging ontologies as enabling technology. This exciting branch of AI can help businesses to generate very targeted insights into their customers’ expectations and needs.

Designing the Future Workplace

By Soumyasanto Sen Leader in digital strategy, workforce transformation and future of work, and author of Digital HR Strategy

How Data Can Enhance the In-Office Employee Experience

By Eduardo Tarasca Product Marketing Director, NTT Smart World

In a world where talent is demanding flexibility and employers want connection, data can provide the answer. Using the data you already have available in your office building can help you both to maximize resources, and make the office attractive to employees.

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