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The New Chief Experience Officer is an Applied Behavioral Scientist

By Matt WallaertFounder of and Author of Start At The End

In uncertain times, customer needs and priorities inevitably shift and evolve in ways that can induce even more uncertainty for CX teams. Creating a customer experience strategy capable of responding effectively to such changes is vital – and in order to do that, a scientific approach that focuses on behavior first is key.

Digital Transformation in the Consumer Goods Industry

By Waliuollah AliHead of Industry Segments Consumer Products and Process Industries, NTT DATA Business Solutions

When it comes to consumer goods, standards are exactingly high across the industry, and processes are often complex. Digital transformation across multiple vectors – from logistics to packaging to quality control – can both revolutionize efficiency and ensure that the highest standards are met.

The Metaverse is Coming. Are You Ready?

By Ignacio RomeroDigital Experience Director, NTT DATA Europe & LATAM

The metaverse is set to revolutionize the way businesses and people interact with each other. And though we might be still a few years away from what is close to a ‘finished product’, it’s not too soon for companies to start preparing for what’s ahead.

How to Turn Customer Experience into a Tailwind for Revenue Growth

By Steve NiesmanExecutive Vice President, Americas Region President & CEO at NTT DATA Business Solutions US

With consumers able to choose between increasingly vast ranges of similarly-priced products and services, customer experience has become an important point of differentiation for businesses. If harnessed strategically, it can become a valuable source of revenue growth.

Guide to the Metaverse: The Future is Already Here

By Francisco SpadaforaHead of Internet of Value, NTT DATA Italia

When we think of the metaverse, we should not think of a hypothetical world but of a certain future. Technologies including augmented reality, IoT, cybersecurity and blockchain come together to form this new virtual space, and the opportunities for businesses and consumers alike are plentiful. But rather than trying to replicate the current world, we must be brave and creative in imagining a new one.

Workforce Transformation: An Employee Perspective

By Kunal KoulManaging Director, Digital Consulting and Advisory, NTT DATA Services

As we all adjust to post-Covid life, companies are reassessing their workplace processes and procedures – figuring out what’s working, what isn’t, and what the future holds. How can companies establish the foundations that allow them to fully realize employee potential in a hybrid working world?

Designing an Ethical Future

By Lisa WoodleyGeneral Manager - Northeast, Nexient an NTT DATA Company

Those designing the digital products and services we use every day have a great responsibility. Technology has the power to change the world, by connecting and empowering us all. But designers can’t do this alone – business leaders and decision-makers must act now, embedding ethical practices today, to make sure we’re on the right path.

Earning Trust and Customer Capital Through Integrity

By Ilenia VidiliCustomer centricity advisor, keynote speaker and author of Journey to Centricity

Trust is what defines a business. To gain the utmost respect of not just their customers, but their employees, partners and communities, companies must earn their trust. But earning high levels of trust from people external to the business must begin with an internal commitment to integrity.

Lessons From the Past to Guide the Future: Humanity in Cybersecurity

By Ortwin MaierHead of Cybersecurity, NTT DATA Romania

Creating effective cybersecurity systems is about so much more than understanding your vulnerabilities and putting measures in place to mitigate them. It begins with understanding what has made human beings feel safe in the past, and using those lessons and behaviors to build an electronic world they can trust.

Trusting the Human in Our Future

By Philipp KristianHuman Futurist, author of The Trust Economy and RESET

Employees and customers have new expectations of organizations, not just to speak and understand their language, but ultimately to be human – in the decisions that they make, the values they represent, and the way they contribute to human progress. Trust is the driving force of change and value creation; trust gives us the power to reimagine, rethink and reshape our world, environment and professional as well as personal context.

5 Minutes On… Customer Experience You Can Trust

By Alin CuciureanuProduct Owner, Clarvision Manufacturing Execution System (MES), NTT Data Romania

Trust or Bust – Why Transparency Matters

By Lisa WoodleyGeneral Manager - Northeast, Nexient an NTT DATA Company

In a post-pandemic world of rising prices, broken supply chains and disruptive technologies, where do trust and transparency fit? Are they nice-to-have luxuries or essential components of success? If they are essential to success, how can businesses deliver them to increasingly cynical consumers?

Future Fit: Implementing Cloud-Based ERP the Right Way

By Ulrich KreitzHead of Managed Services Germany, NTT DATA Business Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning is a key piece of the puzzle when it comes to turning operational excellence into competitive advantage. But as the cloud opens up opportunities, relationships between clients, services and suppliers are changing. As suppliers are being asked to accept more client risk, and own processes in the future, success in the new world will come from carefully building trust.

How Customer Empathy Drives a Successful Omnichannel Strategy

By Daniele D’AquinoSenior Engagement Manager, NTT DATA Italia

If the past two years have taught organizations anything, it’s that empathy is an essential part of customer service and engagement. This is the right time for organizations to focus on building a culture of empathy by developing processes that promote empathetic customer experiences and engagements through tailored interactions and smart technology.

Make life easy for customers, not for ID fraudsters

By Mickey NachimovskeySenior Director, Business Development and Partnerships , NTT DATA UK

Strict ID checks become increasingly imperative in our rapidly evolving digital landscape, but sometimes they can be arduous. How can companies protect themselves and their customers from cyber risk while ensuring their processes are convenient, effective and user friendly?

Protecting Customer Accounts and Information in a World of Digital Connectivity

By Edmund TribueVice President, Risk & Compliance, NTT DATA Services

As our digital abilities become increasingly sophisticated, our cybersecurity measures develop at the same pace that a cybercriminal’s savviness also can. Businesses must continue to take the right measures to protect their futures with the developments of remote access and other digitization efforts.  

Ushering in a New Era of Customer Engagement with Digital Twins

By David de Castro PérezInnovation Manager, NTT DATA Europe & LATAM

It’s the next big thing in understanding and engaging customers: building a virtual replica of the business ecosystem, and leveraging ontologies as enabling technology. This exciting branch of AI can help businesses to generate very targeted insights into their customers’ expectations and needs.

Why Intelligent Applications Build Better Relationships With Customers

By Dragoş CăţoiuHead of Private Sector, NTT DATA Romania

With skilful use of technology and data, businesses today can create intelligent customer experiences that outclass anything that was previously possible. Intelligent applications – those that use AI and predictive analytics to provide personalised, actionable outcomes – cannot be overlooked for those wanting to get (or stay) ahead.

TX Marks the Spot: The Strategic Value of Total Experience

By Sebastian SolbachHead of Business Consulting & Solutions, NTT DATA DACH

The past ten years have seen the evolution of expectations, from what customers expect from brands and what employees expect from employers, to what the organisation expects from itself, its own culture and reputation. Combined, these expectations define the concept of the Total Experience (TX) – a concept that’s reshaping corporate strategy, interaction and engagement.

5 Minutes On… Going Circular

By Catherine WeetmanDirector of Rethink Global and author of A Circular Economy Handbook

The Shift to Zero-Emission Mobility

By Pierfrancesco FusaroVP Consulting Energy & Utility, NTT DATA Italia

The EU has set ambitious goals for e-mobility, but so far hasn’t created the infrastructure to meet them. A definite and significant first-mover advantage is here, as well as the potential for a new market. Using integrated digital platforms to create an ecosystem will improve the customer experience – the currently missing ingredient to make e-mobility stick.

Neo Business: How Enterprises Must React to Social, Economic and Environmental Change

By Klaus Holzhauser Head of IP & Assets, NTT DATA DACH

What can be considered a ‘transformed’ business has changed significantly. Organisations must consider a plethora of concerns, from customer demands, social issues, environmental concerns to changing relationships with commercial partners, and this symbiotic relationship with the global societal fabric means a new reality for business transformation grounded in collaboration, wellbeing and education.

Culture and Commercialisation: The Best Way Forward For Fans, Hands Down

By Christoph SchindlerManaging Director, VfL Gummersbach Handball Club

The potential for digital technology to revolutionise how people interact with sport has been brought into sharp focus over the last year, with the pandemic forcing the industry to rethink how they provide the best service they can for fans. A German handball club has an inspiring story of how to reconcile old cultural values with new commercial demands.

Sounding Out the New Way of Doing Business in Society 5.0

By Cantemir MihuChief Technology Officer, NTT DATA Romania

Societal shifts and new technologies go hand-in-hand: as we develop innovative new ways to connect, our behaviour changes too. The evolution of the music industry offers a useful backdrop against which to consider what we can do now to prepare for what’s likely to happen next – in technology, business and society.

Redefining Audience Innovation

By Ruggero Di BenedettoHead of Media Consulting, NTT DATA Italy

There is a need for brands to shift their conversations with their audiences from the traditional passive to the empowering digital active. By transforming how people interact with media and platforms, businesses can redefine audience innovation.

The New Connectivity

By Dan AlbrightGlobal Head of Consulting, NTT DATA Services

A new kind of connectivity has emerged from the global health crisis and ensuing economic challenges of the last few years. Advancing technologies coupled with new ways of living and working have changed our needs for connection. With these changes, the corporate landscape must be reimagined.

Stop, Look, Listen: How Customer-Centricity Will Save You When Everything’s Changing

By Virgil IlianSenior Research Consultant, NTT DATA Romania

The tech of 2012 saved us in our time of need. But organisations don’t need to be able to predict the future, instead they must embrace customer-centred rapid-innovation, even when it may conflict with traditional ways of doing business.