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Business Reinvention Across Three Horizons

Amid increased global competition and continued market turbulence, acting now when it comes to innovation, investment and sustainability will not only be crucial to meeting the future needs of customers and stakeholders, but could mean the difference between market dominance and imminent irrelevance.

Destroy to Create: Is This the Answer to Creative Thinking?

By Cristina PaternosterSenior Engagement Manager, NTT DATA ITALIA , Luca PozzoliVice President Consulting, NTT DATA Italia

Creativity within organizations is vital in promoting the dynamic mindset necessary to enact innovation and change, and create value. NTT DATA’s value co-creation program nurtures creative thinking through four key stages.

5 Minutes On… Sustainable Principles in Product Development

By Prof. Rupert BaumgartnerProfessor for Sustainability Management at Graz University and Head of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Sustainable Product Management in a Circular Economy

Technology, Talent and the Hidden Benefits of Taking the Road Less Traveled

By Leana Dos SantosHead of Group Technology Communications, Legal & General

As the tech industry continues to expand in both scope and reach, creating products that touch every part of our lives, the innovative potential and power of including more ‘outsider’ perspectives within the sector – and bringing in those from different industries and backgrounds entirely – should not be underestimated.

Pragmatism and Innovation: The Perfect Partnership in Uncertain Times

By Eric ClarkChief Executive Officer, Americas, NTT Ltd.

Against the backdrop of a somewhat tumultuous economic landscape, a new trend is emerging: many companies are assessing the environment and deciding to direct their innovation efforts inwards, towards the more pragmatic matters of organizational efficiency and agility. When it comes to nurturing both long-term growth and customer value, this is a strategy that makes sense.

Co-Innovation: Delivering Growth Through Teamwork

By Harald RodlerHead of Innovation Management & Managing Director, NTT DATA Business Solutions

Innovation is well-understood as a business imperative, allowing nimble responses to quickly changing demands. What is less understood are the advantages of collaborative innovation, spanning not just silos within the business but in conjunction with outside partners. For any growth-focused organization, a teamwork-based approach to innovation offers benefits beyond the expected.

A Look at the Future of Supply Chain Finance

By Miguel Mas PalaciosDirector - Global Corporate Banking, NTT DATA EMEAL

Businesses across all industries have been forced to find solutions to a rapidly evolving market environment since the outbreak of coronavirus. For many firms, the economic challenges of Covid-19 have heavily disrupted their supply chains. But supply chain finance has provided a valuable lifeline during this highly turbulent time. Now, many innovations are emerging, offering enormous value for banks, buyers and suppliers.

Mind the Gap: Addressing the Current Shortage of Digital Skills to Meet the Needs of the Future

By Pam ChaseFormer SVP HR, NTT Data UK

The demand for digital skills is only accelerating as organizations embrace hybrid working. To meet the demands of the future workforce, training – for everyone, no matter where they are in their careers – is essential to ensure the digital skills gap does not hold your organization back.

White Paper: The Big Pivot – From Disruption to Digital Transformation

No industry has been left untouched by the pandemic. Since its onset, companies have been in a constant state of heightened flux: adjusting, recovering or strategising for the future, and all eyes have been on the technology that has helped carry them through. As the economy starts to recover, organisations must pivot to meet any challenge head-on.

A Corporate Compass in the Age of Diversity

By Toshi FujiwaraSenior Executive Vice President and Representative Director, NTT DATA Corporation

The Era of the Bio-Economy

By Giorgio ScarpelliChief Technology & Innovation Officer, NTT DATA Italia

Enabling technologies have given us the power to harmonise natural and economic systems. There are now lucrative opportunities for corporations to translate complexities into solutions for biodiversity protection, pollution prevention, public health improvements and job creation. Welcome to the era of the Bio-Economy.

Sustainable Innovation in Aviation

By Dr. Johannes BussmannCEO of Lufthansa Technik

The aviation industry is facing its greatest performance test to date – addressing the challenges of climate change in an economically weakened state. Rethinking the way we make decisions, holding fast to a century of achievement and continually improving one’s own solutions are the guiding principles to industry transformation.

Seven Tools for Sustainability Success

By Kristoffer Nilaus TarpHead of Sustainability Practice, NTT DATA Business Solutions Nordic Region

We don’t have time to think conceptually about sustainability operations anymore – we must act. Results on the ground are what we need to move the needle, but many leaders aren’t sure how to get started. With this toolkit, you can put theory into practice now.

Innovating With Data in a Rapidly Changing World

By Ian McVicarDirector, Data & Intelligence, NTT DATA UK

Businesses are too focused on their desired data end-state being advanced analytics and machine learning. With increasingly rapid change and radically fluctuating consumer behaviours, historical data is a poor guide to the future. Partnering to establish data-sharing ecosystems is the future of assessing innovation success.

Why Small Teams are the Engine for Agile Transformation

By Neil PerkinAuthor of Agile Transformation

In agility, less is definitely more. From communication to productivity to trust, small teams are one of the critical factors in making enterprise agility a reality – and a success – for any business.

The Disruption of the Energy & Utilities Sector: Future Scenarios

By Luigi CardaniSVP Head of Energy & Utilities, NTT DATA Italia

With the radical changes affecting both business and technology, the energy sector has to deal with significant upheaval in the coming years, focusing on the key themes of digital transformation, electric mobility and people.

Unlocking Potential to become an Organisational da Vinci

By Peter FiskGlobal thought leader and author of Gamechangers

One of the biggest challenges faced by leaders is connecting the diverse perspectives and skills inside, and outside, the organisation in order to focus innovation efforts. Peter Fisk, takes us through what we can learn from Microsoft’s renaissance under Satya Nadella.

Why Diffusion is a Critical Component of the Innovation Value Chain

By Patrick ScanlonSenior Principal Business Consultant, NTT DATA UK

In the stages of the innovation value chain, from generating ideas to converting them into deliverable activities and finally diffusing them throughout the organisation (and beyond), it is often this last piece where companies fall down. What can we learn from others’ mistakes, to help drive adoption.

True Innovation through Digital Participation

By Tijen OnaranEntrepreneur, investor, best-selling author and speaker

Study after study shows that a diverse workforce and diverse management teams are more creative, innovative and successful. But diversity is just part of the puzzle. For a company to be truly innovative, the platform for new ideas to emerge must be open and accessible to all.

The Right Kind of Innovation

By Anca MoldovanIP & Product Manager, NTT DATA Romania

Looking out at the current business landscape, it’s evident that the established order is disassembling everywhere we turn: the pace of change makes innovation a priority for every organisation. But prioritising ideas, evaluating what to invest in and quantifying impact is still a stumbling block for many businesses.

The Innovator’s Best Friend

By Michael BaylerAuthor of The Liquid Enterprise – How The Network is Changing Value

The customer value proposition is the beating heart of effective innovation. Today more than ever, to ignore this critical strategic anchor is to put both effective investment and business growth at risk.

The Age of Unlearning

By Duane HollandInnovator-in-Residence at UCL

As the world resets from a period of rapid change, business leaders must break legacy thinking or die. The unlearning curve is steep, but standing still and assuming tomorrow will look like today is a fallacy. The fastest to unlearn will win. Innovation alliances and ecosystems help business leaders to see themselves through others. At the dawn of the great reset, now is the time to let things go. If not now, when?

Redefining Audience Innovation

By Ruggero Di BenedettoHead of Media Consulting, NTT DATA Italy

There is a need for brands to shift their conversations with their audiences from the traditional passive to the empowering digital active. By transforming how people interact with media and platforms, businesses can redefine audience innovation.

Pandemic response unlocks unprecedented innovation

By Flann HorganVice President Healthcare, NTT DATA UK

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and that has certainly proved to be the case in the NHS pandemic response.

Open Innovation & The Triple Win

By Tom WinstanleyCTO & Head of New Ventures, NTT DATA UK

Innovating with impact increasingly means creating and delivering new products, services and solutions that go well beyond the boundary of just one organisation. This takes open partnerships and collaborative execution, focusing on the Triple Win.

Open Innovation: the virtuous collaboration between companies, universities and startups

By Giorgio ScarpelliChief Technology & Innovation Officer, NTT DATA Italia

In the processes of conceiving and applying technological transformations, partnerships between universities and the business world have proved to be indispensable says Giorgio Scarpelli, Senior VP, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at NTT Data Italy

Play, Build, Innovate: How to Assemble the Future You and our Customers Want

By Tim BardellHead of Consulting, NTT DATA UK

If creativity is the starting point for innovation, then play is the starting point for creativity. But without a connected ecosystem, both in and outside the organisation, great ideas will fail to come to fruition. Harnessing diversity of thought and empowering your workforce with curiosity, passion and collaboration, is how businesses need to behave if they want to become constant innovators.

Lessons in Co-Creation from the Automotive Industry

By Ralf MalterMD & Chief Operating Officer, NTT DATA Germany

Businesses can’t innovate at speed if they work alone. In a post-Covid business landscape, agile companies innovate by embracing co-creation and the transparent exchange of ideas. Collaborations in the auto industry offer an inspiring example of how these strategic relationships can change the world.

Innovation for Pragmatists

By Elvin TurnerAuthor of the global best seller on innovation, Be Less Zombie

When leaders are committed to innovation, the issues that undermine its efforts – lack of time, risk aversion and a certainty-driven culture – can be overcome. Covid-19 showed us that it’s time to get serious about innovation. Here’s how to get started.

Five lessons learned from the Covid-19 crisis shaping our approach to citizen service delivery

By Vicki ChauhanHead of Public Sector, NTT DATA UK

Crises are usually accompanied by a host of challenges to overcome. Vicki Chauhan, Head of Public Sector at NTT DATA UK, is focusing on opportunities for improvement born out of the recent global pandemic.

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Gartner Innovation Case Study Spotlight: A Look Inside NTT DATA’s Commitment to Innovation

By Hiroshi TomiyasuSenior Vice President and Head of Technology and Innovation, NTT DATA Corporation

Everyone seems to have a different formula for innovation success. Recently, NTT DATA Corporation’s Senior VP and Head of Technology and Innovation, Hiroshi Tomiyasu, had the chance to discuss the approach that NTT DATA takes, when interviewed by Gartner for its Innovation Case Study Spotlight Series. Our three go-to ingredients for success are prioritisation based on customer needs, foster the right culture, and nurturing talent. What’s your formula?

How Diversity & Inclusion Drive Innovation

By Stefanie K. JohnsonAssociate Professor of Management at University of Colorado and author of Inclusify

Diverse perspectives help teams to see things in new ways, not only driving the creation of better products but also helping businesses reach a broader customer base and garner success in new markets. But to go from good to great, innovative teams must prioritise inclusion – making your employees feel safe to express their unique perspectives.

Welcome to the second issue of CXO Magazine

By Simon WilliamsCEO NTT DATA UK

Welcome to the second issue of NTT DATA’s new magazine for executive leaders. Our theme for this issue is ‘Innovation without Boundaries.’

How Corporate R&D Makes Innovation Real

By Mark MastersonHead of R&D, NTT DATA UK

Part of the challenge of innovation is dismantling the different ways in which the word is used, and how that comes to life in a business context. Leaders should focus on testing hypotheses through research and development rather than trying to ‘do innovation.’

Go to the Edges of the Map

By Sam ConniffAuthor of the international best-seller and "modern life bible" Be More Pirate. , Alex BarkerCulture change expert and co-author of How to: Be More Pirate.

Often, all we need to embrace the unorthodox is the permission to do so. The idea of “the rebel pirate” can give rise to fertile, free-thinking environments, ripe for innovation. Fortune favours the bold, after all.

Creating Innovation in the Status Quo

By Tendayi VikiCorporate innovation expert and award-winning author of Pirates in the Navy

How can the entrepreneurial spirit needed to truly innovate be fostered inside a system designed to maintain the status quo? This is a challenge faced by businesses across the globe. Leaders must break down the barriers in their organisations, to truly create space for innovation.

Collaborating through Adversity

By Eddie CopelandDirector at London Office of Technology and Innovation

The London Office of Technology and Innovation (LOTI) connects the London’s 33 boroughs and during the pandemic has focused on three key areas of collaboration to help London - sharing knowledge, collaborating on new ideas and mitigating the risk of innovation.

The CXO Podcast: Happiness, Society & Collaborative Innovation

By Giorgio ScarpelliChief Technology & Innovation Officer, NTT DATA Italia , Luigino FiliceProfessor of Manufacturing Technologies at Calabria University

The CXO Podcast: The Challenge of Innovation

By Tom WinstanleyCTO & Head of New Ventures, NTT DATA UK , Elvin TurnerAuthor of the global best seller on innovation, Be Less Zombie

Beyond Borders: Innovating in an Interconnected World

By Simon WilliamsCEO NTT DATA UK

As our business, social and natural environments adapt to the shockwaves of the Covid-19 pandemic, never-before-seen collaborations between organisations have brought forth incredible advances in medicine and technology. Such innovations wouldn’t have been possible alone. Looking beyond the perimeter of the company to make strategic external connections is fundamental.