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Destroy to Create: Is This the Answer to Creative Thinking?

By Cristina PaternosterSenior Engagement Manager, NTT DATA ITALIA , Luca PozzoliVice President Consulting, NTT DATA Italia

Creativity within organizations is vital in promoting the dynamic mindset necessary to enact innovation and change, and create value. NTT DATA’s value co-creation program nurtures creative thinking through four key stages.

Play, Build, Innovate: How to Assemble the Future You and our Customers Want

By Tim BardellHead of Consulting, NTT DATA UK

If creativity is the starting point for innovation, then play is the starting point for creativity. But without a connected ecosystem, both in and outside the organisation, great ideas will fail to come to fruition. Harnessing diversity of thought and empowering your workforce with curiosity, passion and collaboration, is how businesses need to behave if they want to become constant innovators.

The CXO Podcast: The Challenge of Innovation

By Tom WinstanleyCTO & Head of New Ventures, NTT DATA UK , Elvin TurnerAuthor of the global best seller on innovation, Be Less Zombie

Creating the Platform for Entrepreneurial Culture

By Walter RuffinoniCEO NTT DATA Italia

In an age of disruption like never before, openness to new ideas – from every level of the organisation – is the first step to cultivating the kind of employee culture that celebrates and encourages entrepreneurship. And innovation from within is the key to survival.

A Toolkit for Culture Innovation

By Cantemir MihuChief Technology Officer, NTT DATA Romania

Creating the culture for an entrepreneurial mindset to flourish takes more than a shift in management. A robust toolkit with creativity at its heart, nurtured and encouraged through day to day business is required for true behavioural change.