Workforce Transformation: An Employee Perspective

By Kunal Koul Managing Director, Digital Consulting and Advisory, NTT DATA Services

As we all adjust to post-Covid life, companies are reassessing their workplace processes and procedures – figuring out what’s working, what isn’t, and what the future holds. How can companies establish the foundations that allow them to fully realize employee potential in a hybrid working world?

The Hybrid Office: A Work in Progress

By Klaus Strack Managing Director, Business Unit Germany, NTT DATA Business Solutions

Designing Organisation Agility

By Naomi Stanford Author of Organisation Design: The Practitioner's Guide

To go beyond the surface-level of this century’s buzziest word and design a truly agile organisation, enterprises need to understand the intricacies of agility. And beyond that, they need to examine whether an agile approach is likely to benefit their organisation at all.

Enterprise Agility and the Age of Disruption

The new normal is uncertainty, and this coming age of disruption requires enterprises to continually learn and adapt to their changing business environment. The emerging post-covid world will show that enterprises without the ability to continually adapt to current and future change will be unable to compete effectively.


Zero Trust: Your Digital Transformation Requires a Risk Transformation

New and evolving technology landscapes need evenly-matched cybersecurity: as new opportunities arise through digital tools, so too do new risks. Using a framework such as Zero Trust – which assumes every entity attempting to access the system or network may have malicious intent and therefore, as a default, should not be trusted – provides the visibility and controls needed for modern businesses to protect themselves and their customers.

The Challenge of Continuous Change

By Stefan Hansen CEO, NTT DATA DACH

Adapt or perish. The rate of change in the post-Covid world is relentless. With the competitor landscape and customer demands changing at speed, the new enterprise must be hyper-adaptive, able to flex and adopt the agile mindset and principles to ultimately achieve competitive advantage and build better relationships with their customers, staff and communities.

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Delivering Agile Decision Making at Rolls-Royce

By Stuart Hughes Chief Divisional Information Officer, Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace

Stuart talks to CXO about his career as a CIO in the dot-com boom, how moving to the cloud has democratised decision making, and why enabling the citizen coder within corporations is the answer to the agility they crave.

The Secret of Enterprise Agility: Where Science Meets Organisational Change

By Erich R Bühler Bestselling author and founder of Enterprise Agility University

Most mindsets or frameworks developed to support an environment where employees can confidently adapt to market opportunities, such as Agile, Lean, and Scrum are not enough. A new framework of reference is required, one that draws on neuroscience, organisational psychology and new types of leadership.

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Anticipating Change and Intelligent Operations

By Cathy Ward Chief Operating Officer Asia Pacific Japan, SAP

SAP’s Cathy Ward talks about going through the largest global transformation in the history of the company, the changing nature of the COO’s role, and why anticipating and driving (instead of resisting) change is how businesses can grow and prosper in the new post-Covid world. And how – in the shift from a focus on cost-effectiveness to resilience, sustainability and experience – organisations can increase their operational intelligence and help to shape the future.

Change at Scale Blogs

Sharpening the Organisational Senses: Lessons From Telecoms Data Leaders

By Bill Wilson Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of Data & Intelligence Solutions, NTT DATA UK

If the modern firm is an organism living through rapid and complex changes in its ecosystem, then data insight provides its sensory information. Using data to drive decision-making, as has long been the case for telecoms companies, holds the key to continual adaptation and improvement.

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