Thriving When the “Authorities” No Longer Know What to Do

By Nick Craig President of Authentic Leadership Institute and author of Leading from Purpose

Executives everywhere are having to re-evaluate their purpose and re-establish their resolve, building a new set of muscles to lead. True leadership is being the author of your own story, whilst staying true to your values. Holding on to that central purpose, that constant in a sea of changes, will allow leaders to thrive, even as the rulebooks are being rewritten before our eyes.

5 Minutes On… Leading Inclusively

By Anjali Bindra Patel Director of DEI at Winrock International and author of the bestselling Humanity at Work

Anjali gives CXO 5 minutes on overcoming inclusion challenges in a distributed workforce, and explains how the benefits of bringing more humanity into the workplace can be achieved by understanding that ‘technology belongs to all of us’.

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Leading Transformations – The Fundamental Shift in Strategic Management

By Dr Petra Kuenkel Global transformation expert, Founder of Collective Leadership Institute, and author of Stewarding Sustainability Transformations

Our planet is the only known place in the universe that has brought about this incredibly rich diversity of life. But it also brought about a strange species, equipped with the capacity to diminish life on Earth – or rescue it. The most powerful actors for transforming our world are companies. If they change the way they operate, hope for the future gains a new meaning.

The Rise of Collaborative Leadership

By Maria Metz CEO, NTT DATA Romania

Inspire Organisational Agility, Don’t Command It

By Sarah Elk Partner at Bain & Company and co-author of Doing Agile Right Darrell Rigby Partners at Bain & Company and co-author of Doing Agile Right Steve Berez Partner at Bain & Company and co-author of Doing Agile Right

Lessons from the Combat Zone

By Gareth Tennant Former Head of Intelligence of the Royal Marines

Going Systemic: Surviving And Thriving In The Uncertainty Economy

By Antonio Grillo Design Director at Tangity

How the Start Up Conquered the Mothership and other Innovation stories

By Ernesto Ciorra Chief Innovability Officer, Enel Group

Ernesto talks to CXO about the incredible success of Enel, how it reduced the cost of renewables by 60% in 5 years through open innovation, and how meeting the founder of Pixar inspired Enel’s now famous ‘My Best Failure’ project.

Change Through Diversity


Businesses that lead their market sectors all have one thing in common: they all practice diversity. Diversity is not merely based on gender, but also personality and participation. A diverse workforce equals agility, productivity and innovation. Anna Budde discusses how you could practise diversity in all its forms and transform your organisation into a leading company that understands the human element in success.

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The Future of the Client Experience in a Post-Covid World

By Robb Rasmussen Global CMO, NTT DATA

Robb talks to CXO about the change in working practices during Covid, how NTT Data has successfully supported clients during the lockdown, and why the enforced change driven by Covid has changed ways of working for ever.

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