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Overcoming Systemic Barriers with Equity-led Leadership

By Alexis Kanda-OlmsteadDirector of Advancement Talent Management at Dartmouth College and founder of AKO Collective

A Lesson in Workplace Learning

By Laura BartoliEngagement Manager, NTT DATA , Sara ManocchioAssociate Manager, HR Transformation Practice, NTT DATA Italy

With job skills changing so rapidly and the increasing competition for talent, workplace learning plays a pivotal role in keeping organizations at the top of their game. By making L&D departments more agile and fluid and creating a learning-led company culture, organizations can always keep ahead of new competencies, and talent can be nurtured from within.

Workplace Diversity in a Global Society

By Dr Chaunda ScottProfessor at Oakland University and author of Diversity in the Workforce: Current Issues and Emerging Trends

Closing the Digital Gap: Boosting Diversity in STEM Vocations

By Felipe ZafortezaDirector Head of Public Sector and Health, everis, an NTT DATA Company , María Jesús VillaDirector of Corporate Social Responsibility, everis, an NTT DATA Company

The skills gap is only growing, with the number of women holding STEM degrees still uncomfortably low. This is the time for businesses to take responsibility in growing diversity in the workforce of tomorrow through investment into the young people who will shape the business landscape in years to come.

Educating the Next Generation for a Sustainable Future

By Daniela MazzaroneDirector, Cyber Security Strategy & Governance Practice, NTT DATA Italia

Education is not just a fundamental right for everyone: it’s also a pathway to a better quality of life, playing an instrumental role in attaining many of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Through sharing skills such as cybersecurity, businesses can spread knowledge and help to shape more resilient, informed future global citizens.

Sustainability Transformation in Healthcare and Education

By Krishnappan RamanathanManaging Director, NTT DATA Singapore

Technology will star in every organisation’s journey to more sustainable operations. Accelerated by the Covid-19 disruption, the most forward-thinking leaders in healthcare and education now embrace new digital tools to improve engagement, measure impact and optimise performance.