Looking Back to Get Ahead

By Gethin Nadin Award-winning psychologist and author of A World of Good: Lessons from Around the World in Improving the Employee Experience

Looking back has always been a crucial part of moving forwards. Understanding the history of the workplace can help business leaders to accelerate their path to success in the future. The best advice for delivering a great employee experience, that will attract and retain the best people, is hidden in our past.

Trust: The New Currency of Business

By Fernando Apezteguia CEO, NTT DATA UK

In a world where skepticism and misinformation have now become the default, trust has become the new currency for business. And those companies that know how to spend it well can create a competitive advantage by making sure that their actions speak louder than words.

Building Gentelligent Cultures for the Future of Work

By Megan Gerhardt Professor of Management & Leadership - Miami University

How Automation Will Unlock the Next Level of Human Performance

By Tarrel Pierson Director, Workforce Readiness, NTT DATA Services

Better Communication: Understanding the New Language of Digital Teamwork

By Erica Dhawan Leading expert on digital teamwork and author of Digital Body Language: How to Build Trust and Connection, No Matter the Distance

Trusting the Human in Our Future

By Philipp Kristian Human Futurist, author of The Trust Economy and RESET

Creating the Platform for Entrepreneurial Culture

By Walter Ruffinoni CEO NTT DATA Italia

In an age of disruption like never before, openness to new ideas – from every level of the organisation – is the first step to cultivating the kind of employee culture that celebrates and encourages entrepreneurship. And innovation from within is the key to survival.

The Challenge of Corporate Innovation ( & Why Collaboration is the Answer )

Future growth depends on getting innovation right – but defining it and executing eludes most. CXO interviewed experts and NTT DATA SMEs from across EMEA to understand how the challenge of innovation can be overcome.

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Collaborating through Adversity

By Eddie Copeland Director at London Office of Technology and Innovation

The Kind of Culture Employees Love

By Josh Levine Culture expert and best-selling author

Notoriously hard to define as culture is, now the rules have also changed on how organisations build it. Perks that provide short-term satisfaction won’t cut it and the corporate loyalty of our grandparents hasn’t stuck the generations. To thrive, organisations need to define their culture beyond the free lunches and casual Fridays and learn to utilise culture as a business tool.

The CXO Podcast: The Challenge of Innovation

By Tom Winstanley CTO & Head of New Ventures, NTT DATA UK & Elvin Turner Author of the global best seller on innovation, Be Less Zombie

Innovation for Pragmatists

By Elvin Turner Author of the global best seller on innovation, Be Less Zombie

When leaders are committed to innovation, the issues that undermine its efforts – lack of time, risk aversion and a certainty-driven culture – can be overcome. Covid-19 showed us that it’s time to get serious about innovation. Here’s how to get started.

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How Diversity & Inclusion Drive Innovation

By Stefanie K. Johnson Associate Professor of Management at University of Colorado and author of Inclusify

Stefanie talks to CXO about the research proving game-changing innovations come mostly from diverse teams, how similar people compound each other’s biases and failures without noticing, and how the frozen middle of corporations can kill change.

Innovative Culture Blogs

How the Start Up Conquered the Mothership and other Innovation stories

By Ernesto Ciorra Chief Innovability Officer, Enel Group

Ernesto talks to CXO about the incredible success of Enel, how it reduced the cost of renewables by 60% in 5 years through open innovation, and how meeting the founder of Pixar inspired Enel’s now famous ‘My Best Failure’ project.

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