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The Evolution of ESG

Over the years, ESG – the environmental, social and governance framework used to evaluate a company’s performance and sustainability – has evolved from a niche concept to a mainstream consideration for businesses. Now, this vital strategic imperative, if acted upon without delay, heralds stronger stakeholder engagement, greater resilience, and a longer, healthier life for the company.

Values-Driven Growth and Businesses as Responsible Global Citizens

Businesses that have rethought their strategies with their purpose and values at the core are enjoying important payoffs. Growth plans built around purpose and values result in more motivated employees, better company performance and more loyal customers.

Sustainability is Not a Destination – It’s a Never-Ending Journey

By Thomas KolsterMarketing activist, founder and director of The Goodvertising Agency and is an internationally recognised keynote speaker

Sustainability is now a standard talking point across all industries, meaning brands who wish to differentiate themselves – and make a genuine impact – must connect with their customers in new and inspiring ways. Beyond brand engagement, those that succeed will have the power to change behaviors, spark positive transformation, and play a meaningful role in people’s lives.

Gen Z at Work: What Young Professionals Expect From Leaders

By Palmer MontalbanoBusiness Consultant, NTT DATA Services

As we strive to make sense of the global changes around us and balance our working and personal lives, the expectations of leadership have changed too. As consumers, Gen Zs are particularly known to hold organizations to account, and they’re no different in their expectations for work.

The Future of the Workforce Is Here, Are You Ready?

By Kim CurleyVice President, Workforce Readiness Consulting, NTT DATA Services

With so much upheaval to the work environment in just a few years, our expectations of and relationship with work have changed completely. How can organizations prepare for these shifts as employees set new boundaries and seek purpose at work?

Thriving When the “Authorities” No Longer Know What to Do

By Nick CraigPresident of Authentic Leadership Institute and author of Leading from Purpose

Executives everywhere are having to re-evaluate their purpose and re-establish their resolve, building a new set of muscles to lead. True leadership is being the author of your own story, whilst staying true to your values. Holding on to that central purpose, that constant in a sea of changes, will allow leaders to thrive, even as the rulebooks are being rewritten before our eyes.

5 Minutes On… Authentic Leadership

By Nick CraigPresident of Authentic Leadership Institute and author of Leading from Purpose

The CXO Podcast: Purpose Strategy Meets Talent Strategy

By Becky WillanCEO, Given , Ric GarnerManaging Director - Workforce Readiness Consulting, NTT DATA Services , Joe TrainorVP, Head of Design & Sustainable growth, NTT DATA UK

The Purpose-Driven Corporate: Reimagining the Power of Business

By Debbie Haski-LeventhalCSR expert, professor of management at Macquarie Business School and author of Strategic CSR: A Holistic Approach to Responsible and Sustainable Business

In the last decade we have seen a genuine move towards a more holistic approach to the role of business in society. When we use who we are and what we know to serve others, we create a sense of meaningfulness that increases happiness, connectedness and impact, both on a personal and organizational level. And when companies decide to walk the talk and lead with purpose, there is no limit to what can be achieved.

Trust: The New Currency of Business

By Fernando Apezteguia CEO, NTT DATA UK

In a world where skepticism and misinformation have now become the default, trust has become the new currency for business. And those companies that know how to spend it well can create a competitive advantage by making sure that their actions speak louder than words.

How Purpose Guides Innovation at Terna

By Massimiliano GarriChief Innovation & Information Officer at Terna

5 Minutes On… Companies as Caretakers of the Planet

By Dr Petra KuenkelGlobal transformation expert, Founder of Collective Leadership Institute, and author of Stewarding Sustainability Transformations

Why Having a Clear Ethical Purpose Results in Better Business and Happier People

By Paul HargreavesCEO of Cotswold Fayre, B-Corp ambassador and author of Forces for Good

When the people who work in a company know and understand that their workplace puts people and planet first, they thrive. Purpose equals happier people.

White Paper: Building Back With Purpose for a Safe, Equitable and Connected Future

Technology has played a momentous role in responding to the Covid-19 crisis: supporting healthcare, enabling businesses and governments to function remotely and keeping people connected in lockdown. This speaks directly to the social impact goals of many companies around the world, whether that is to safeguard the health and safety of employees, bring communities together or improve access to vital services like health and education.

Sustainability Within Organisations: The Shift from AOB to Business Critical

By Henrietta Marsh-SmithDelivery Director, NTT DATA UK

The next generation have not only grown up as digital natives but as truly global citizens, connected like never before to people and events all over the world. Threats to our very survival, as well as an equitable and prosperous future, are felt more sharply by Generation Z than any others before them. Protect their future – and in the process, your organisation’s future too.

Taking Action Now to Prioritise ESG Impact

By Zahra BahrololoumiCEO, Salesforce UK and Ireland

The future belongs to businesses who are acting now to weave environmental, social and corporate governance criteria into everything they do. With business-societal interactions changing as we emerge from the pandemic, the challenges we face can help rather than hinder progress if we remain committed to reform and innovation.

Leading Transformations – The Fundamental Shift in Strategic Management

By Dr Petra KuenkelGlobal transformation expert, Founder of Collective Leadership Institute, and author of Stewarding Sustainability Transformations

Our planet is the only known place in the universe that has brought about this incredibly rich diversity of life. But it also brought about a strange species, equipped with the capacity to diminish life on Earth – or rescue it. The most powerful actors for transforming our world are companies. If they change the way they operate, hope for the future gains a new meaning.

You Have Never Been More Important

By Jonathan BrownPerformance & Stress expert, coach & author

In times of crisis, the foundation of leadership and trust is the three Cs: competence, caring and character. It is vital leaders communicate with and support their people. Never has strong leadership been more important.

White Paper: Building a High-Performance Culture

This paper investigates how to build a high-performing company culture through purpose, meaning and entrepreneurship.

The Question on Every Prospective Employee’s Lips: “What’s Your Purpose?”

By Kim GrayHead of Diversity & Inclusion, NTT DATA UK

The dynamic between employee and employer has shifted. People are now more selective about who they work for, placing greater importance on purpose and culture. To attract and retain talent, organisations need to be clear about why they exist, and live those values in everything they do.

Purpose Begins at Home

By Paul SkinnerCorporate purpose expert and author of Collaborative Advantage

The pandemic has forced us to reconsider conventional approaches to management as we are united in a common experience, barriers between the professional and personal are blurred, and ultimately we realise our stakeholders are human. There is now huge potential for positive change in both social and economic spaces, if organisations look for the opportunities for good.