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Hybrid Work: Increase Performance & Ensure Employee Retention in 2023

Hybrid work models are now an important decision-making factor for job seekers. The clear majority of employees want a hybrid working model with the flexibility to choose between home and office as needed. The shift to hybrid work presents CEOs and CHROs with new challenges, but this change ultimately increases both organizational performance and employee loyalty.

Why Ethical AI Requires a Human Touch

By Dr. Sandrine El SauafHead of Global Leadership Development & Diversity, NTT DATA Business Solutions

Algorithms may be perceived as being an objective way to instill diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in an organization, but AI is by no means exempt from the unconscious biases that human beings exhibit, and we must guard against thinking of AI as a silver bullet. We already know that a more diverse workforce leads to greater innovation, but diversity in the teams designing the AI underpinning future workplace processes will also help to keep it less biased, and ensure organizations achieve their DEI goals.

People Embody the Success of an Organization

By Natalie PorterDirector, Culture and Employee Experience Leader, NTT DATA UK

Many businesses are struggling to make the right decisions about how to engage their people in this new, almost unrecognizable world of work. Employee engagement is down, reports of burnout are getting worse and worker satisfaction in many organizations is low. Now more than ever, success for any business lies in creating a culture that helps its people grow. But it’s one thing to say that you want to be people-centric, and another to create an environment where this ethos is upheld. In-depth feedback around employee perceptions ensures companies can walk the talk.

Creating Balance, Transforming Work, Empowering People

By Anna AmodioHead of Human Resources, NTT DATA Italia

Covid has changed how people view their professional trajectories, as well as the way in which companies perceive their employees. Leaders now have the opportunity to experiment, testing hybrid work formulas in order to secure both the health of the company and of the individuals working within it. At the core is balance, fairness and inclusivity.

Achieving Sustainable Growth By Attracting Young Talent

By Selin BakaçhanPeople & Culture Director, NTT DATA Business Solutions Turkey, Middle East and North Africa

Worldwide retention of top talent has been an organisational issue for some time now. The recent ‘turnover tsunami’ headlines show us the problem isn’t getting better. Here’s how NTT DATA Business Solutions Turkey, Middle East and North Africa have managed to retain 97% of new employees in the last five years.

Sustainability Within Organisations: The Shift from AOB to Business Critical

By Henrietta Marsh-SmithDelivery Director, NTT DATA UK

The next generation have not only grown up as digital natives but as truly global citizens, connected like never before to people and events all over the world. Threats to our very survival, as well as an equitable and prosperous future, are felt more sharply by Generation Z than any others before them. Protect their future – and in the process, your organisation’s future too.

The Question on Every Prospective Employee’s Lips: “What’s Your Purpose?”

By Kim GrayHead of Diversity & Inclusion, NTT DATA UK

The dynamic between employee and employer has shifted. People are now more selective about who they work for, placing greater importance on purpose and culture. To attract and retain talent, organisations need to be clear about why they exist, and live those values in everything they do.