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Business Reinvention Across Three Horizons

Amid increased global competition and continued market turbulence, acting now when it comes to innovation, investment and sustainability will not only be crucial to meeting the future needs of customers and stakeholders, but could mean the difference between market dominance and imminent irrelevance.

The Evolution of ESG

Over the years, ESG – the environmental, social and governance framework used to evaluate a company’s performance and sustainability – has evolved from a niche concept to a mainstream consideration for businesses. Now, this vital strategic imperative, if acted upon without delay, heralds stronger stakeholder engagement, greater resilience, and a longer, healthier life for the company.

Values-Driven Growth and Businesses as Responsible Global Citizens

Businesses that have rethought their strategies with their purpose and values at the core are enjoying important payoffs. Growth plans built around purpose and values result in more motivated employees, better company performance and more loyal customers.

The Business Opportunities and Challenges of Sustainability 2.0

By Prof. Rupert BaumgartnerProfessor for Sustainability Management at Graz University and Head of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Sustainable Product Management in a Circular Economy

The global challenges posed by climate change, resource scarcity and social inequality are becoming increasingly urgent. With pressure growing from consumers, investors and governments to operate more sustainably, businesses must adapt to this new reality by changing their business models and value propositions – not only to remain competitive, but to ensure their own survival.

Let’s Design a Future That Puts Humans First

By Simona Șevik Head of Intercompany Business, NTT Data Romania

While science fiction often conjures visions of a future filled with threats that we can imagine, we need to prepare for threats that we have yet begun to dream up. And we’ll do that by focusing on humans – all humans – and the environment, and their combined sustainability.

Sustainability is Not a Destination – It’s a Never-Ending Journey

By Thomas KolsterMarketing activist, founder and director of The Goodvertising Agency and is an internationally recognised keynote speaker

Sustainability is now a standard talking point across all industries, meaning brands who wish to differentiate themselves – and make a genuine impact – must connect with their customers in new and inspiring ways. Beyond brand engagement, those that succeed will have the power to change behaviors, spark positive transformation, and play a meaningful role in people’s lives.

Designing an Ethical Future

By Lisa WoodleyGeneral Manager - Northeast, Nexient an NTT DATA Company

Those designing the digital products and services we use every day have a great responsibility. Technology has the power to change the world, by connecting and empowering us all. But designers can’t do this alone – business leaders and decision-makers must act now, embedding ethical practices today, to make sure we’re on the right path.

Gen Z at Work: What Young Professionals Expect From Leaders

By Palmer MontalbanoBusiness Consultant, NTT DATA Services

As we strive to make sense of the global changes around us and balance our working and personal lives, the expectations of leadership have changed too. As consumers, Gen Zs are particularly known to hold organizations to account, and they’re no different in their expectations for work.

Earning Trust and Customer Capital Through Integrity

By Ilenia VidiliCustomer centricity advisor, keynote speaker and author of Journey to Centricity

Trust is what defines a business. To gain the utmost respect of not just their customers, but their employees, partners and communities, companies must earn their trust. But earning high levels of trust from people external to the business must begin with an internal commitment to integrity.

The CXO Podcast: Purpose Strategy Meets Talent Strategy

By Becky WillanCEO, Given , Ric GarnerManaging Director - Workforce Readiness Consulting, NTT DATA Services , Joe TrainorVP, Head of Design & Sustainable growth, NTT DATA UK

The Purpose-Driven Corporate: Reimagining the Power of Business

By Debbie Haski-LeventhalCSR expert, professor of management at Macquarie Business School and author of Strategic CSR: A Holistic Approach to Responsible and Sustainable Business

In the last decade we have seen a genuine move towards a more holistic approach to the role of business in society. When we use who we are and what we know to serve others, we create a sense of meaningfulness that increases happiness, connectedness and impact, both on a personal and organizational level. And when companies decide to walk the talk and lead with purpose, there is no limit to what can be achieved.

People-Centric Banking: How to Gain the Trust of Future Generations Through Sustainability

By Gianluca RandazzoHead of Sustainability, Banca Mediolanum

As one of our oldest institutions, banks have a pivotal role in shaping our local communities and even our global society. Going beyond being customer-centric, some banks are embracing being people-centric – looking after and enhancing the community they serve. By placing sustainability at the core of their strategic practice and relationship building, banks can build trust with all customers, and in particular the younger generation.

5 Minutes On… Society 5.0

By Paolo ZanottiHead of Marketing and Communication, NTT DATA Italia

Why Trust is Stuck in the U-Bend

By John ElkingtonFounder & Chief Pollinator at Volans, professor, and author of Green Swans: The Coming Boom in Regenerative Capitalism

We are facing a continuing erosion of trust in the institutions of capitalism, globalization and democracy. But with a focus on regeneration, instead of just responsibility and resilience, businesses can plot a course through this period of disruption and systemic change.

Empathy and Trust: The Human Engine in Organizational Performance

By Alex AllwoodCX expert and author of Customer Empathy: A Radical Intervention in Customer Experience Management and Design

On the back of the biggest ever global economic shutdown, organizations embraced empathy and trust as the newest workplace traits. As we begin to experience some semblance of normalcy, there is a window of opportunity to leverage this rediscovered state of ‘humanized connection’ for customer-led empathy to improve people and business performance.

Why it’s not too late to resolve bias in AI

By Dina AlvarezHead of Strategic Talent Management & Transformation, NTT DATA

From picking up on our tendencies toward exclusion to offensively grouping characteristics, AI is learning (and scaling) our worst habits. Luckily, awareness and a desire to take action is growing across many organisations. It’s not too late to resolve this problem. So, what do businesses need to know and do to prevent it?

5 Minutes On… ESG at NTT DATA

By Yoko TomiokaSVP & Head of ESG Promotion Department, NTT DATA Corporation

A Corporate Compass in the Age of Diversity

By Toshi FujiwaraSenior Executive Vice President and Representative Director, NTT DATA Corporation

5 Minutes On… Companies as Caretakers of the Planet

By Dr Petra KuenkelGlobal transformation expert, Founder of Collective Leadership Institute, and author of Stewarding Sustainability Transformations

White Paper: Building Back With Purpose for a Safe, Equitable and Connected Future

Technology has played a momentous role in responding to the Covid-19 crisis: supporting healthcare, enabling businesses and governments to function remotely and keeping people connected in lockdown. This speaks directly to the social impact goals of many companies around the world, whether that is to safeguard the health and safety of employees, bring communities together or improve access to vital services like health and education.

Why Having a Clear Ethical Purpose Results in Better Business and Happier People

By Paul HargreavesCEO of Cotswold Fayre, B-Corp ambassador and author of Forces for Good

When the people who work in a company know and understand that their workplace puts people and planet first, they thrive. Purpose equals happier people.

Traceability Can Fix the Primary Sector’s Image Problem

By Angel Luis TesoHead of Cities, Territories and Primary Sector, NTT DATA EMEAL , Fernando Monzón DelgadoHead of Cities, Territories and Primary Sector & Technology Manager, everis, an NTT DATA Company

In an industry plagued by scandal and a poor reputation for commitment to sustainability, those adopting developing technology and proactively improving supply chain capabilities, will be able to provide traceability and transparency particularly in the areas of social impact, safety and authenticity which is ultimately required by today’s customers.

Transforming for Growth and the Future of the Planet

By David CostaGlobal Head of Business Development and New Markets, NTT DATA EMEAL

As we navigate the rapidly-changing business landscape, soon the only lasting competitive advantage that companies have will be the sustainability of their operations and their readiness to develop products and services that positively impact the world around them.

The Blue Economy: Combining Technology and Sustainability to Defend the Seas

By Maria Vittoria TrussoniHead of Sustainability & Green Tech, NTT DATA Italia , Martina MaffiolettiSoftware Developer Engineer & Sustainability Champion, NTT DATA Italy

Technological development is an important vehicle to achieve sustainability, but companies must open up to innovation. Developments in the Blue Economy – protecting our marine environment and sustainably using ocean resources for improved social and economic life – offer inspiring examples of how technology is helping to protect and enhance the most vital element of our planet’s natural resources.

The AIDA Project: Using AI to Help Caregivers Communicate with Autistic Children

By Corinne SchillizziUX & Service Designer, Tangity

Innovation in technology has great potential in helping to provide accessible, tailored learning for every child. Through our AIDA project, we created a unique system that could give caregivers and educators the information they need by bringing together elements from design, AI, IoT and VR.

Sustainability Trends for a Stronger, More Resilient and Nature-Positive World

By David AlvarezCEO, Ecoacsa Reserva de Biodiversidad

There is money to be made from nature-positive transitions. Recent moves and initiatives from governments, regulatory bodies and the finance sector are opening up new doors for opportunity. When more companies get onboard, we’ll begin to see real change towards emissions targets.

Closing the Digital Gap: Boosting Diversity in STEM Vocations

By Felipe ZafortezaDirector Head of Public Sector and Health, everis, an NTT DATA Company , María Jesús VillaDirector of Corporate Social Responsibility, everis, an NTT DATA Company

The skills gap is only growing, with the number of women holding STEM degrees still uncomfortably low. This is the time for businesses to take responsibility in growing diversity in the workforce of tomorrow through investment into the young people who will shape the business landscape in years to come.

Educating the Next Generation for a Sustainable Future

By Daniela MazzaroneDirector, Cyber Security Strategy & Governance Practice, NTT DATA Italia

Education is not just a fundamental right for everyone: it’s also a pathway to a better quality of life, playing an instrumental role in attaining many of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Through sharing skills such as cybersecurity, businesses can spread knowledge and help to shape more resilient, informed future global citizens.

How Businesses Can Serve the Greater Good

By Sergio OliveiraDirector of Research & Development, NTT DATA Business Solutions Brazil

Machine learning and AI are often associated with enhancing the consumer experience, but they can also assist businesses significantly in their tax-related work. Simplifying the taxation processes and compliance procedures contributes to business sustainability, and through it, the wider community and society.

Sustainable Public Places and Infrastructure for a Greener Future

By Thomas KierkgaardDirector, Innovation & Technology, NTT DATA Business Solutions Nordic Region

One of the UN’s Global Goals is that of Sustainable Cities and Communities, to make these urban areas safe, resilient and inclusive as well as reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. On the Danish island of Rømø, NTT DATA Business Solutions is employing a versatile data platform to analyse and forecast flows of people, holidaymakers’ buying habits, water and energy consumption, traffic flows, weather information, and data from the web – making Rømø a truly ‘smart island’.

Sustainability Transformation in Healthcare and Education

By Krishnappan RamanathanManaging Director, NTT DATA Singapore

Technology will star in every organisation’s journey to more sustainable operations. Accelerated by the Covid-19 disruption, the most forward-thinking leaders in healthcare and education now embrace new digital tools to improve engagement, measure impact and optimise performance.

Leading Transformations – The Fundamental Shift in Strategic Management

By Dr Petra KuenkelGlobal transformation expert, Founder of Collective Leadership Institute, and author of Stewarding Sustainability Transformations

Our planet is the only known place in the universe that has brought about this incredibly rich diversity of life. But it also brought about a strange species, equipped with the capacity to diminish life on Earth – or rescue it. The most powerful actors for transforming our world are companies. If they change the way they operate, hope for the future gains a new meaning.

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How Renewable Energy Communities Give People the Power Back

By Miguel FontelaDirector, NTT DATA

The European Green Deal’s ambitious decarbonisation goals are a chimera without the contribution of small and medium energy users. This disruptive change from consumers to prosumers will only happen if we find the way to engage them with technology, digital tools and new energy markets. Energy communities are one of the most promising initiatives to foster this vital change.

Neo Business: How Enterprises Must React to Social, Economic and Environmental Change

By Klaus Holzhauser Head of IP & Assets, NTT DATA DACH

What can be considered a ‘transformed’ business has changed significantly. Organisations must consider a plethora of concerns, from customer demands, social issues, environmental concerns to changing relationships with commercial partners, and this symbiotic relationship with the global societal fabric means a new reality for business transformation grounded in collaboration, wellbeing and education.

Pandemic response unlocks unprecedented innovation

By Flann HorganVice President Healthcare, NTT DATA UK

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and that has certainly proved to be the case in the NHS pandemic response.

Open Innovation: the virtuous collaboration between companies, universities and startups

By Giorgio ScarpelliChief Technology & Innovation Officer, NTT DATA Italia

In the processes of conceiving and applying technological transformations, partnerships between universities and the business world have proved to be indispensable says Giorgio Scarpelli, Senior VP, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at NTT Data Italy

Five lessons learned from the Covid-19 crisis shaping our approach to citizen service delivery

By Vicki ChauhanHead of Public Sector, NTT DATA UK

Crises are usually accompanied by a host of challenges to overcome. Vicki Chauhan, Head of Public Sector at NTT DATA UK, is focusing on opportunities for improvement born out of the recent global pandemic.

The CXO Podcast: Happiness, Society & Collaborative Innovation

By Giorgio ScarpelliChief Technology & Innovation Officer, NTT DATA Italia , Luigino FiliceProfessor of Manufacturing Technologies at Calabria University