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Is the Cloud Damaging the Planet?

By Bill WilsonChief Sustainability Officer and Head of Data & Intelligence Solutions, NTT DATA UK

Recent media coverage, such as BBC’s Panorama program that aired on 6th February, would lead some to conclude that cloud computing stands in opposition to environmental sustainability. The claim is focused on the ‘greedy’ data centers that support consumer applications such as Facebook and TikTok, which seem so essential to modern life. However, there is a strong pro-sustainability argument for the cloud.

The Carbon Credit Market: An Opportunity to be Seized for a Sustainable Future

By Maria Vittoria TrussoniHead of Sustainability & Green Tech, NTT DATA Italia , Antonio PolicicchioAI and Quantum Computing R&D Project Team Leader, NTT DATA Italia

Carbon credits are already a rapidly growing market, and will soon become a crucial component – alongside the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions – in achieving carbon neutrality across all industries.

Sustainability as a Hard KPI: This Is How IT Can Help

By Elmer KramerSAP SCM / QM consultant, NTT DATA Business Solutions

New EU legislation means that providing reporting on your organization’s CO2 emissions will soon be mandatory. Finding efficient ways to do this is crucial – and a good place to start is with specialized technology, which can help to calculate carbon impact in just a few clicks.

What the Future Digitalized Energy System Means for UK Energy Providers

By Eduardo FernandezUK Head of Gas, Power and Water, NTT DATA UK

As the UK energy industry collectively works towards the government’s ambitious emission reduction targets, robust digital strategy and unified data principles will be the bedrock for successful cross-sector modernization.

5 Minutes On… Society 5.0

By Paolo ZanottiHead of Marketing and Communication, NTT DATA Italia

Data-Driven and Intelligent: How SAP Helps Organisations Perform at Their Best

By Ricardo LangaSAP Value Proposition Head, NTT DATA Europe & LATAM

Actionable intelligence from rich data gives you immediate competitive advantage. Once you trust these insights enough to devolve some decision-making to automated systems, then you are on the way to being a data-driven enterprise.

White Paper: Creating a Vision for a Sustainable Future

The world is changing beyond recognition. Society is increasingly demanding that companies address sustainability as part of their transformation to a post-pandemic world. Sustainability is now firmly on the C-Suite agenda and it’s at the heart of NTT DATA’s vision for the future.

Think Bigger When It Comes to Your Carbon Footprint

By Dries GuthPrincipal Innovation Manager & Head of Co-Innovation Lab, NTT DATA Business Solutions Germany , Paul DietrichPrincipal Innovation Manager & Head of Co-Innovation Lab, NTT DATA Business Solutions Germany

Understanding what needs to be done to decrease emissions is one thing, but putting it into effect is something else. Sustainability technologies that enable businesses to take action do exist – corporations must now be willing to use them.