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White Paper: Creating a Vision for a Sustainable Future

The world is changing beyond recognition. Society is increasingly demanding that companies address sustainability as part of their transformation to a post-pandemic world. Sustainability is now firmly on the C-Suite agenda and it’s at the heart of NTT DATA’s vision for the future.

01 September 2021 • 1 min read

2020 gave the world a new reason to take sustainability seriously. With travel curtailed, our carbon emissions dropped by an estimated 6.4% – but even in a year when the world stood still, it’s not enough to meet climate-change prevention targets.

We must look to technology for answers, from the ‘green internet’ and AI to sustainable trading through blockchain, and much more.

In this white paper you’ll discover:

  • How the communication infrastructure of the future, Innovative Optical and Wireless Networks (IOWN), transforms existing networks and data centres and dramatically reduces power consumption;

  • Our AI guidelines, to help manage the disruptive developments in this field whilst driving sustainability, diversity and inclusivity;

  • Why the use of private blockchains is on the rise, and their ability to strengthen and validate supply chains – and how we can really know the provenance of our food and goods;

  • Why we need adaptive design for an inclusive future, and how designers will be a key part of the transition towards a more digitally-orientated world where people feel supported by the technology around them;

  • What IoT technology is doing to transform our cities, workplaces and homes to increase safety, sustainability and enjoyment;

  • How, through its ethos and processes, DevOps delivers the future faster by allowing organisations to innovate quickly and securely – and be twice as likely to exceed cost reduction targets, and twice as likely to exceed targets for the quantity and quality of products delivered.

Download to read the full white paper and find out how to outperform your competitors whilst also safeguarding our planet.

Artificial intelligenceBlockchainESGSustainable technologyWhitepaper

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