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Building the XR and Metaverse Economy: Challenges and Opportunities

As we approach the era of the Metaverse and XR, leaders can benefit from deepening their understanding of the opportunities, challenges and entirely new dimensions of business that will become an integral part of our professional lives in the next decade. While mass adoption is not yet widespread, the journey has already begun – and for early movers and enablers, the rewards could be significant.

26 January 2023 • 1 min read

The complex and ever-evolving concept of the Metaverse and its new technologies, developing economy and expanding ecosystem of creators, entrepreneurs and users will, like the internet, soon become a space in which we all operate: the new ‘business as usual’.

The sheer scope and complexity of the Metaverse means that there are still some obstacles to overcome before this widespread adoption, including commercial conflicts, generational challenges, security concerns, and issues pertaining to the regulatory framework and social impact. But although we are not there yet, the wheels are in motion and the roadmap is becoming clearer – with data usage expected to grow 1000% in the next ten years, and 1.7 billion people predicted to be mobile AR users by 2024.

In this white paper, you’ll learn about:

  • The range of opportunities the Metaverse will provide for both B2B and B2C businesses from all sectors, from new ways to interact with complex systems and machinery to virtual environments that will facilitate everything from the buying and selling of goods to concerts, forums and debates.
  • The current challenges and barriers to widespread XR adoption, and the ways in which these might be overcome.
  • The players currently enabling the Metaverse – from service providers, platform developers and owners, and network and infrastructure companies to content creators and specialist technology companies – and the role each one plays in developing this collaborative ecosystem.
  • The requirements and key features of building the XR and Metaverse economy, including the eight main layers of interconnected activity vital for ensuring that it is viable and constantly-evolving.

Download to read the full white paper and discover more about both the significant opportunities and remaining hurdles inherent in the fast-developing XR and Metaverse economy.

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