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White Paper: Forge New Norms: Ensō Foresight 2020

New norms are emerging. Social movements, such as Black Lives Matter or Fridays for Future, urge companies to position themselves politically; and new legal frameworks and standards such as GDPR push companies to rethink the ways they develop products and services. As the responsibilities of companies grow and change, making sure that ethics, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability are built into every process is essential for both consumer and company.

01 February 2021 • 1 min read

Smart homes, facial recognition software, self-driving cars – each of these and other emerging technologies bring unprecedented changes in the ways we live and work together. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we have come to a better understanding of the significance of digitalisation and how both companies and consumers have come to rely on it.

The paper investigates:

  • How, at the same time that companies must keep up with the culture of innovation to stay competitive, they must also adopt new responsibilities in the areas of ethical standards, privacy, and the environment.

  • How new norms can be translated into valuable business opportunities, for example through the emergence of new markets and on the unexplored terrain for digital products and services.

  • A deeper dive into three of these new opportunities: ethics in artificial intelligence, diversity and inclusivity, and sustainable tech.

Read on to find out to translate new norms into responsible products and services, by setting up ethical standards based on transparency, accountability, and accessibility; and rethinking innovations to make sure they contribute to a liveable future on this planet.

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Artificial intelligenceBreakthrough technologiesDiversity, equity & inclusionESGWhitepaper

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