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The New Chief Experience Officer is an Applied Behavioral Scientist

By Matt WallaertFounder of and Author of Start At The End

In uncertain times, customer needs and priorities inevitably shift and evolve in ways that can induce even more uncertainty for CX teams. Creating a customer experience strategy capable of responding effectively to such changes is vital – and in order to do that, a scientific approach that focuses on behavior first is key.

Hybrid Happiness: Designing the Work Environment of the Future

By Ioana ZdrengheaPeople Experience Manager, NTT DATA Romania

With organizations currently looking at an increasingly detached workforce and a fierce talent war, a human-centered approach to HR is certainly gaining traction. This is where design thinking comes into play – to remain competitive, companies need to involve people in co-designing an environment where they want to show up.

Elevating Organizational Performance With Design Thinking

By Giselle Chajin FlorezUX and Service Design Lead, Tangity

Overcoming the traditional mindsets that limit the technology landscape requires a refocus on human needs and empathetic design. With learnings from different cultures, the expertise of working within varied environments and the proven results that such creativity delivers, design-led approaches and frameworks are transforming how organizations tackle legacy challenges.

5 Minutes On… Customer Experience You Can Trust

By Alin CuciureanuProduct Owner, Clarvision Manufacturing Execution System (MES), NTT Data Romania

Why the Time Has Come to Reimagine the Employee Experience

By Emma BridgerEmployee engagement expert and bestselling author

Getting your EX right has the power to transform, making a fundamental difference to your people, your bottom line, and your organisation’s ability to deliver a positive social impact.

Driving Intelligence With an Automation Strategy That’s Right for Your Business

By Felipe Antonio BustosSenior Business Manager, NTT DATA Europe & LATAM

Instead of allowing technology to drive business decision-making, intelligent leaders must thoroughly examine how automation and other market-changing technologies can best complement their business strategy – not define it.

Decouple or Die! How Circular Approaches Can Unlock Business Success in a World of Challenges and Constraints

By Catherine WeetmanDirector of Rethink Global and author of A Circular Economy Handbook

We need to radically rethink our systems to live within our limits on this planet. By adopting a circular economy, businesses can decouple their footprint from the value they deliver to society.