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Giselle Chajin Florez

Giselle Chajin Florez

UX and Service Design Lead, Tangity

After graduating in Industrial Design with an emphasis in Project Management from the Colombian National University, Giselle Chajin specialized in the MSC of Product Service System Design Italy at the Politecnico di Milano. Giselle started her career in Europe in the new UX department at Bosch in Germany. She then returned to Italy to initiate a new adventure at a small startup, and in 2015 she started at Tangity, where she continues leading crucial projects. In 2018, Giselle was the representative of the Italian team to lead the first NTT Data design studio in Tokyo. Her mission was to work alongside colleagues in Japan to apply the various service design methodologies and support them in setting up new projects. While in Japan, Giselle had the opportunity to lead projects in both the public and private sectors, working closely with colleagues and clients. As a result, she was in touch with the authentic Japanese work culture and experienced some relevant differences between the Eastern and Western worlds. In the last ten years, Giselle has led projects in different countries, such as Germany, Australia, US and Japan.

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Elevating Organizational Performance With Design Thinking

By Giselle Chajin Florez UX and Service Design Lead, Tangity

Overcoming the traditional mindsets that limit the technology landscape requires a refocus on human needs and empathetic design. With learnings from different cultures, the expertise of working within varied environments and the proven results that such creativity delivers, design-led approaches and frameworks are transforming how organizations tackle legacy challenges.

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