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Simon is CEO of NTT DATA UK, and loves working with brilliant people – clients, partners and NTT DATA’s own employees – bringing them together to work towards a common goal. Successful businesses depend on people, unlocking the potential of staff and helping them become the best they can be. Being a consultant is a fantastic job. You are part of a team creating clients’ success and it’s incredibly satisfying to help them achieve something extraordinary. I have been lucky to perform at the Royal Opera House and represent England in Judo, but today I am more often in a vineyard or watching a game of rugby.

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Welcome to the second issue of CXO Magazine

By Simon Williams CEO NTT DATA UK

Welcome to the second issue of NTT DATA’s new magazine for executive leaders. Our theme for this issue is ‘Innovation without Boundaries.’

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Beyond Borders: Innovating in an Interconnected World

By Simon Williams CEO NTT DATA UK

As our business, social and natural environments adapt to the shockwaves of the Covid-19 pandemic, never-before-seen collaborations between organisations have brought forth incredible advances in medicine and technology. Such innovations wouldn’t have been possible alone. Looking beyond the perimeter of the company to make strategic external connections is fundamental.

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