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Alexis Martín García

Alexis Martín García

Cybersecurity Analyst, NTT DATA EMEAL

Alexis Martín García is a Cybersecurity Analyst and leads the NTT Data EMEAL Hacking Security Office team in Spain. He started in the cybersecurity field four years ago as an trainee at Everis. Since then he has performed tasks such as web, mobile, infrastructure, Wi-Fi security audits, red team exercises and social engineering awareness campaigns in addition to collaborating with the management of the Cybersurveillance team in Spain.

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Cybersecurity is Everyone's Job

By Alexis Martín García Cybersecurity Analyst, NTT DATA EMEAL Marcos Búrdalo Romero Cybersecurity Analyst, NTT DATA EMEAL

In a hyperconnected world, cybersecurity is a vital part of protecting both corporate reputation and the safety of employees. While IT departments might be responsible for putting systems in place, it takes every employee from the C-suite down to ensure those systems remain intact.

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