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Welcome to the first issue of CXO Magazine

Welcome to the first edition of CXO by NTT DATA, a brand-new magazine aimed at corporate leaders. The theme for this first issue is ‘A Culture of Entrepreneurship’.

01 October 2020 • 1 min read

In this new age of disruption, agile customer-centred innovation is key to survival. But these innovations need to come from inside – from the guts of the corporation to the glory of the marketplace.How do you create a culture of fervent, idea-laden, motivated entrepreneurs that won’t only save you from disappearance into FTSE obscurity, but launch you ahead of your competition into currently unknown and profitable markets?

Even more importantly, how do you create the right cultural platform and organisational structure to incentivise these creative entrepreneurial employees to stick around?

Issue 1 explores the factors necessary – from leadership and organisational structure to the employee experience – to create and nurture the right cultural platform to attract and keep entrepreneurial employees. Our aim is to motivate and educate with original thought pieces from a variety of viewpoints from across the spectrum of corporate culture.

Enjoy the read.


Walter Ruffinoni

InnovationIssue welcomeShaping cultureTeam dynamicWelcome Letters

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