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Bob Pryor

CEO, NTT DATA Services

Bob Pryor serves as chief executive officer of NTT DATA Services, a trusted global innovator delivering technology-enabled services and innovative solutions to clients around the world. He previously served as chief operating officer as well as chief integration officer overseeing the 22-month integration of Dell Services into NTT DATA.

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The Evolution of ESG

Over the years, ESG – the environmental, social and governance framework used to evaluate a company’s performance and sustainability – has evolved from a niche concept to a mainstream consideration for businesses. Now, this vital strategic imperative, if acted upon without delay, heralds stronger stakeholder engagement, greater resilience, and a longer, healthier life for the company.

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Business Reinvention Across Three Horizons

Amid increased global competition and continued market turbulence, acting now when it comes to innovation, investment and sustainability will not only be crucial to meeting the future needs of customers and stakeholders, but could mean the difference between market dominance and imminent irrelevance.

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New Leadership Skills for a Post-Pandemic Workforce

The post-pandemic workforce needs leaders who are adaptable, empathetic, digitally savvy, resilient and innovative. By developing these skills, leaders can help their organizations thrive in the face of uncertainty and change.

Post-Covid workplaceShaping cultureTalent management

Values-Driven Growth and Businesses as Responsible Global Citizens

Businesses that have rethought their strategies with their purpose and values at the core are enjoying important payoffs. Growth plans built around purpose and values result in more motivated employees, better company performance and more loyal customers.

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Bob Pryor Welcome Image

Welcome to the fifth issue of CXO Magazine.

By Bob Pryor CEO, NTT DATA Services

Continuous innovation used to be enough to drive growth. However, today’s organisations also must innovate at speed and scale. Indeed, a frequent question we hear from CEOs around the world is: “How can my organisation adapt and move faster?”

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