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Welcome to the third issue of CXO Magazine

Welcome to the third issue of CXO Magazine. Our theme for this issue is ‘Agility in the Age of Disruption’

01 June 2021 • 2 min read

The current volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) dynamics we are seeing across all markets due to the Covid pandemic means competitive pressures against large enterprises in most industries have increased exponentially. Not only is the competitor landscape changing at speed, but customer demands for a better, more authentic and personalised service are higher than ever.

Shareholders’ needs can no longer be the only priority for enterprises; in this decade, customer and community needs will be of equal importance in order to sustain growth and profits. Additionally, the enterprise cannot take months or years to deliver the experiences and value demand by its customers and communities. That the new enterprise must be hyper-adaptive in times of disruption to survive, is now incontestable.

The emerging post-Covid world will show that enterprises without the ability to continually adapt to current and future change through operationally adaptability, cultural flexibility and organisational fluidity, will be unable to compete effectively. Enterprises must change their ways of working by adopting the Agile mindset and principles – and through this can achieve competitive advantage through better customer loyalty, reduced operational costs, less bureaucracy, and increased employee satisfaction.

Enterprise Agility increases the speed at which an organisation can adapt, allowing it to weather the continual disruption of today’s and tomorrow’s market places. Critically, it allows the enterprise to outperform the competition and drive growth in new, uncertain scenarios by quickly learning and adapting when confronted with crises and complex problems.

The new normal is uncertainty, and this coming age of disruption requires enterprises to continually learn and adapt to their changing business environment. NTT DATA is partnering with its clients globally to help them make the transition to a more agile way of working, and through this be ready to capitalise on new opportunities in this new world to drive growth.

Enjoy the read.


Kaz Nishihata

Issue welcomeOperational agilityPost-Covid workplaceStrategyWelcome Letters

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