NTT DATA Photo Grand Prix 2015

NTT DATA Photo GrandPrix is an annual photo contest for all of NTT DATA Group’s 80,000 worldwide employees.

This event aims for "One NTT DATA", uniting employees with different languages, cultures and backgrounds with a universal communication tool: "Photography".

The theme of 2015 is "Innovation", representing the group vision of NTT DATA.

They portray a tip of the new world of Innovation from our casual moments in our daily lives.

Rings of the world

This photo shows an object like an illusion as if there is a shining cocoon newly born into the earth by the weaving of lights.

It symbolizes the innovation that a telecommunication network is given to the world.

Kung fu Wasps

This photo represents a beautiful small world that is normally invisible to the human eye, with the sharp contrast of colors and lights, and the background and objects.

The micro-viewpoint that we hardly see in our daily life is innovative as it shows us a new side of the world.

Rainbow on Blue or White

This photo captures the moment of weather change from the rain cloud to the blue sky, with the beautiful rainbow.

This is a combination of the two totally different sceneries, sharply separated from the building in the center as a border of the areas. This is an innovative photo, showing us the change of two different sceneries by simply changing the viewpoints.

Nothing is impossible ...

[Federica Di Trapani - NTT DATA ITALIA S.P.A.]

The airplane with NTT DATA logo in the sky is overwrapping the outline of the moon. This image represents the motivation and drive of NTT DATA Group aiming for the innovation beyond imagination.


[Philippe Morange - Everis Spain, S.L.U.]

The wheel is one of the most important technological innovations throughout human history and a representative image of innovation. The image of the wheel in the photograph is unique with a touch of history.

I’m Different

[Glovanni Malandrino - NTT DATA ITALIA S.P.A.]

In the stereotype world, it is important to keep one’s own ways or viewpoints to be oneself, which should lead the way of authentic innovation. NTT DATA embraces the concept by encouraging the individuals to utilize their characters in a group.

Looking to the future

[Glovanni Malandrino - NTT DATA ITALIA S.P.A.]

This photo represents an attitude to see the future far ahead without limits in order to create an innovation.

A new morning

[Kentaro Saito - Japan Information Processing Service Co.,Ltd.]

Mt. Fuji in the deep fog. This photo shows a growth of NTT DATA through our innovation of technologies and business.

Bright future!

[Yasuhiro Mitsuhashi - Japan Information Processing Service Co.,Ltd.]

The lady toward the ray of light. This photo represents a motivation and drive of NTT DATA Group toward the future with revolutions.


[Yoshitaka Satoh - NTT DATA Corporation]

“Any innovation is created from a piece of seed”

The seeds of dandelion which are about to fly remind us of an image of innovation.

Cherry blossoms in a city

[Hisato Fujii - NJK Corporation]

Skyscrapers in the center of Tokyo and cherry blossoms. These two different types of objects create the contrast of view, stressing the energy of cherry blossoms. This is a discovery of the new world.

Beautiful Nature

[Rita C Souza - Everis SES Brasil, Ltda]

Rays of light beyond the green arch. This photo represents a birth of innovation. The curve beyond the scenery further implies the necessity of continuous efforts toward innovations.

Cinderella Magic

[Ryohei Sasakawa - QUNIE CORPORATION]

Anyone can transform (or revolutionize) oneself like Cinderella. We can see such a new world on this photo, taking the scenery through a loupe.

The world of a shadowgraph


The sharp contrast of lights to the beach and the palm trees create a view like a shadow picture. This is an innovative world created using the camera lens, not from the human eyes.

Looking up in the sky

[Koichiro Yano - NTT DATA Corporation]

A Flower on the water and the sky view from the underwater world. This photo implies that we can get tips on innovation by inspirations from a slight change of views.


[Hiroyuki Komatsu - NTT DATA Getronics Corporation]

Raindrops on a cluster‐amaryllis. Take a look closely, and you will find the flower in the raindrops. This photo shows us through the camera lens; the world invisible on the daily lives. Such a new view is innovative.

momiji no koto


The bright blue sky reflects further vivid autumn leaves. Instead of being captivated only in autumn leaves of the trees, the point of view that configured a single photo to fit the background represents one of the cut in order to express innovation.


[Prashanth Ramachandra - NTT DATA Canada, Inc.]

A view of stained glass with many colors in the cathedral. The colorful glasses represent diversity. The colors go toward the center like a bundle of lights, which represents the core of innovation.

The Tree of Life

[Barbara Stoia - NTT DATA ITALIA S.P.A.]

The trees of lights from the water imply the motivation and drive of NTT DATA group for revolution toward the future.

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