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NTT DATA helps create a safer digital society, enabling our clients to focus on innovation and growth. We provide clients with comprehensive protection against sophisticated threats through our worldwide resources, deep industry insights and advanced technical skills. We enable your business transformation through a coherant global approach, helping you stay ahead of evolving cyber threats and continue growth with peace of mind.


NTT DATA’s Global Cybersecurity Services

This article introduces the value that NTT DATA's Global Cybersecurity Services provide as a solution to cybersecurity threats that are advancing and becoming more sophisticated every day.

  • Introduction
  • Recent Cybersecurity Challenges
  • Cybersecurity Capabilities of NTT DATA
  • Value Provided by NTT DATA’s Global Cybersecurity Services
  • Conclusions

Case Studies

Read how companies in various industries solved their challenges by partnering with NTT DATA.

Our Services

NTT DATA provides integrated security services from strategy to operations and incident response on a global scale.

Cybersecurity Services

Consulting Services

Help businesses and organizations identify opportunities, solve complex problems, and design effective solutions.

Technology Integration

Set up and customize software platforms to meet the specific needs and requirements of a business or organization.

Unified Managed Detection & Response

Continuously identify, assess, classify, remediate and mitigate security weaknesses, including root-cause analysis.

Crisis Response

Fast crisis response and recovery services in case of a sudden cybersecurity incident.

Zero Trust Implementation by NTT DATA

NTT DATA has years of experience with Zero Trust security. We can help you implement a Zero Trust security model based on proven technologies that are suitable for your company by combining multiple services of our portfolio.

Zero Trust is a security model based on a principle, “never trust, always verify.” It enables companies to get rid of tedious and expensive security controls and build a more dynamic and efficient technological platform that is tailored to their customers and their business needs.

About Zero Trust services

Zero Trust: Never trust, always verify

Our Partners

NTT DATA has strategic partnerships with vendors and can provide the appropriate solution to meet your requirements.

Palo Alto Networks

Resource Library

Explore our latest research, insights, and news on the most crucial topics in cybersecurity.

Our Impact


Cybersecurity Professionals

NTT DATA currently employs more than 7,500 security professionals highly specialized in various industries and technologies around the world.


Cybersecurity Delivery Centers

NTT DATA has more than 80 cybersecurity delivery centers worldwide and can provide solutions to meet cost and regulatory compliance requirements.


In Gartner Market Share Analysis MSS 2022

NTT DATA is leading the global Managed Security Services (MSS) market by providing services that leverage the know-how gained from its many years of experience in incident response and the implementation of the world's largest Zero Trust environment.


Years of Cybersecurity Experience

NTT DATA has more than 30 years of cybersecurity service experience.


Global Threat Intelligence

NTT DATA leverages global threat intelligence gained from analytics of over 40% of the global internet traffic in NTT backbone.

Cybersecurity Services in Your Country

We provide our cybersecurity services in the following countries. Follow the link to find out what specific services are available in your country.

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Quarterly Report on Global Security Trends

NTT DATA’s CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team), NTTDATA-CERT, publishes a quarterly report on global security trends from its own perspective to keep the industry up-to-date with current and future cybersecurity information.

Quarterly Report on Global Security Trends: 3rd Quarter of 2022

  • Featured Topic: How to use the ISMAP-LIU system
  • Featured Topic: Passkey support gaining momentum toward a world of passwordless authentication
  • Data Breach: Learning from the Showcase of data breach incident
  • Vulnerability: Remote code execution vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server

RADAR Cybersecurity Magazine

NTT DATA's global cybersecurity team issues a monthly magazine to explore the latest cybersecurity news of the month, along with one interesting article.

Latest Magazine: Number 88, March 2024

  • Featured Topics
    • The adoption of AI in the field of cybersecurity
    • The new cybersecurity regulations of 2024
    • Extreme hacking
    • Identity governance
    • Maximizing Cyber Resilience
    • Artificial Intelligence: Navigating the Border Between Defense and Offense
    • Threat Landscape in the Mining Sector
    • Navigating Privacy in an Interconnected World
    • Continuous Evolution: Beyond Biometrics
    • Awareness in your daily life... Why not?
    • Cyber Chronicle
  • Trends: Harvest Now, Decrypt Later
  • Vulnerabilities: Recently disclosed critical vulnerabilities
  • Patches: Recently released urgent patches
  • Events: Global cybersecurity events scheduled around the month

Past Volumes

2022 and older

Cybersecurity Community Involvement

NTT DATA works with various organizations to contribute to the development of talents and technologies for the next generation of cybersecurity professionals in order to build a safe and secure world.


ISACA values NTT DATA’s work within the cybersecurity community. NTT DATA’s support for talent enablement and diversity in cybersecurity education/careers through OneInTech helps us prepare the generation of today for the problems of tomorrow.

— ISACA Representative


Working groups are the foundation of the way that we solve cybersecurity challenges. The research from NTT DATA, Marymount University and CSA enriches our understanding of the existing landscape of risks, defenses, attacks, and adversaries. CSA values the partnership, research and contributions by NTT DATA to the community on cloud security.

Jim Reavis, Co-founder and CEO, Cloud Security Alliance

Marymount University

The collaboration between Marymount researchers, NTT R&D and NTT DATA has helped push the boundaries of our capability to detect, protect and respond to cyberattacks in the new digital enterprise. Marymount University appreciates working together with NTT DATA in partnership to build a better, more secure world.

Diane R Murphy, PhD, Director, School of Technology and Innovation, Marymount University