Our Way

NTT DATA is your Trusted Global Innovator.

Many areas of the environment that touch our business are undergoing rapid change.​

For NTT DATA to continue growing, every manager and employee at our company is encouraged to decide what they should accomplish; implement changes that will enable their goals to be achieved, and propose how our business should be transformed to ensure our continued success.​

To explain this approach, we have created "Our Way", that outlines our Mission, Vision and Values and aims to set out our way for navigating the future.​

Our Mission Statement

Portrays NTT DATA’s mission and reason for existence while serving as a foundation for management.

NTT DATA Group uses information technology to create new paradigms and value, that help contribute to a more affluent and harmonious society.

Employee Creed

Sets forth policies and action guidelines to which all of our employees should adhere.

  • 1. We will do our utmost to serve our customers.
  • 2. We will meet the challenges of our work with an active and positive spirit.
  • 3. We will create a lively and vibrant company.

Group Vision

Trusted Global Innovator

Indicates where NTT DATA aims to be in 10 years.

  • We realize the dreams of our clients around the world through long-term relationships.
  • We develop evolving ecosystems with our clients through leading-edge technologies.
  • We enhance our creativity by respecting diversity.


Expresses what is most important for the realization of our Group Vision.

Clients First

First, and above all else, we place the needs of our clients. We continuously work to understand our clients' business and strive to resolve every concern to their satisfaction. We feel a responsibility to ensure their success. We let this obligation set the direction of our work and guide our actions.


We never settle for the status quo. Instead, with speed and foresight, we anticipate challenges that lie ahead. We consider the future of IT as well as the future of our clients' business, work to enhance our ability to picture the future, and with our ecosystems, adapt to the changing business environment. In this way, we help our clients meet their goals and create a brighter future for society.


We put great importance on enabling our employees to achieve their best through their work with each other. We believe that when a diverse group of individuals bring their unique world views together, share their wisdom, and works toward a common goal, the results are extraordinary and far beyond what can be achieved by any one person.

NTT DATA Group Code of Conduct

NTT DATA Group Code of Conduct is a part of Our Way and describes our basic principles and standards, such as what NTT DATA Group values in conducting its business, and the manner in which employees of NTT DATA Group should conduct our business activities.

Values Week

NTT DATA Values Week is an annual event promoting group vision and values and facilitating value sharing across the company. It is held during the week of May, 23rd which is NTT DATA's Corporate Foundation Day. First organized in 2014, the 2019 Values week was held in 106 cities of 28 countries, bringing together over 30,000 participants.

We organize various workshops during the Values Week to unite and align the team around our three values - Clients First, Foresight, and Teamwork. The ultimate goal is to raise awareness and internalize these values and vision across all of our employees around the world.
As part of the efforts to promote corporate values, NTT DATA also offers video materials educating the new employees about the values and e-learning for employees stationed at clients’ sites. We also launched Values Magazine covering Values week events held in different locations.

The global pandemic has affected the format of the Values Week, bringing the range of cross-organizational workshops and discussions online adjusting to ‘the new normal’.

NTT DATA Photo Grand Prix

NTT DATA Photo Grand Prix is an annual group-wide photo contest held in over 50 countries worldwide with the purpose to share and promote NTT DATA Group vision and values.
Photography was selected as a universal language to unite employees speaking various languages and coming from different cultures and backgrounds as members of One NTT DATA.

Global Delivery Assurance

NTT DATA excels in designing, building, operating, and maintaining comprehensive IT systems from conception to operation. Focused on reducing risks and engaging people, we strive to enhance client innovation on a global scale.

Global Delivery Assurance

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