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Our full range of services cover the entire cycle of software development and management, and with our innovative approach, we deliver complex applications with less time and superb quality.

Build It Right and Fast with NTT DATA

Build It Right and Fast with NTT DATA

With NTT DATA's innovation and developed IP, we help our customers complete complex application development faster than ever and manage the entire cycle of software development to their needs.

With our application development and management services, you can take advantage of the latest application innovations and trends while exploring new ways to solve your critical business challenges. You can also integrate and modernize your new and legacy applications into flexible and agile architecture that improves performance and drives market growth.

Application Development & Management Services

From the latest technologies such as Agile, DevOps, Cloud Native, Low Code Platform, and iPaaS to modernization of waterfall development, NTT DATA proposes and provides the best services for your business.

Consultation Service

NTT DATA's IT architects work to align your business strategies and technologies. Our approach allows us to provide innovative options that can help you build an IT foundation for growth.

Value Stream Management

NTT DATA can accelerate the value in your organization with an aligned product delivery model. We can help your organization optimize by understanding the pain points and help provide solutions.

Agile Transformation

NTT DATA helps clients with their whole agile transformation journey by developing large-scale agile/DevOps organizations and supporting large-scale agile/DevOps transformations using a framework like SAFe® driving business value.

DevOps & Service Centricity

Reduce the application development lifecycle and improve quality through our DevOps services. NTT DATA leverages best practices of the DevOps culture to enable technical solutions into services that bring value to the customer.

Cloud Native Development

NTT DATA helps clients accelerate their digital business by optimizing different types of applications that materialize code and cloud benefits using modern, state-of-the-art, next-generation technologies, methods, and cloud-native practices.

Low Code Application Development

One of the benefits of using low-code/no-code application development is that subject matter experts can create more apps to the solution needed. It enhances time to value by eliminating poor translations.

Application Modernization

NTT DATA's Application Modernization services take a comprehensive, lifecycle approach, enabling you to systematically identify and pursue opportunities for modernization. This also helps modernization, development and integration of enterprise-grade secure (cloud-native) applications.

Testing & SW Quality Assurance

NTT DATA builds quality into software from the start through our quality assurance and testing. Utilizing proprietary technology, we help you reduce the time to market for your applications while improving software quality.

Application Management Services

NTT DATA's Application Management Services delivers application management outsourcing, modernization, and digital management services. Next-generation AMS enables digital transformation to reduce cost and complexity and optimize the application portfolio performance.

Our Expertise


Software Development Experts

NTT DATA has nearly 60,000 people working in various areas of software development, such as agile/DevOps methods, API and integration, technical architecture and cloud, and quality engineering.


Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®︎) Experts

We have over 150 SAFe®︎ program consultants (SPC) and over 2,000 non-SPC certified employees around the world who provide consulting, coaching, and educational services to support the introduction and practice of SAFe®︎.


Certified Experts with Low-Code Know-How

At NTT DATA, more than 5,600 certified experts can support and develop digital transformation projects. More than 1,300 projects have utilized low-code platforms to help our customers with their digital transformation.

Value Stream Management & SAFe®

Value Stream Management & SAFe®

Combining two areas of expertise in value stream management and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) allows us to offer a truly unique solution that results in focused activities.

NTT DATA's value stream management tools and services enable you to track and improve your speed to market. Our expertise in SAFe® enables us to leverage the practices and principles found in that framework to directly improve the things that matter most to your organization.


Success Stories and Latest Insights

Success Stories

Read how companies in various industries solved their challenges by partnering with NTT DATA.

Modernization of Applications - Alliance with Sabadell Seguros y Pensiones

Modernization of Applications - Alliance with Sabadell Seguros y Pensiones

The challenge was to develop a global platform for launching digital applications. As part of the joint venture's digital transformation, the client in 2020 required a new business platform to disengage from legacy systems inherited at inception, which were proving to be costly and unwieldy. In this context Sabadell seguros y pensiones identified the need for implementing a new web application architecture and an IT platform that used Amazon Web Services' public cloud (AWS) in order to increase agility, reduce costs and accelerate innovation.

New Ways of Working after COVID-19

New Ways of Working after COVID-19

NTT DATA implemented a solution with the OutSystems to adapt to the new reality during and after COVID-19 pandemic for a utility company EDP (Energias de Portugal). Web and mobile applications were delivered which allow the employees to book office spaces (e.g. desks, car parking lot, and canteen / lunch spaces). The solution was inspired and based on our accelerator - Space Management. By delivering this project, we brought outcomes to our customer, such as the ability to return to the office in accordance with the rules defined by the authorities, the support of new ways of working, the possibility to audit and enforce health authorities' guidelines, and the ability to take real estate decisions based on real data.

Mobile App Improves Cancer Awareness

Mobile App Improves Cancer Awareness

CCT (The Center for Community Technologies)'s C-VIVE mobile app was born in a hackathon, which brought together CCT,OutSystems partner NTT DATA, and the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA). C-VIVE, now available on iOS and Android app stores, improves cancer awareness to save more lives.

BMW Car Configurator - Cloud-Based Integration Platform

BMW Car Configurator - Cloud-Based Integration Platform

Together with NTT DATA, BMW has implemented a new generation of online configurator. Realized goals include an optimal user experience and the best possible presentation of the new electric vehicles. Analyses show that the simple and clearly selectable elements significantly improve the usability for users.

Agile Transformation of Global Insurance Company

Agile Transformation of Global Insurance Company

NTT DATA supported the global insurance company with their agile transformation by implementing the SAFe® framework, coaching and training of business, IT and management in the application of SAFe®, executing value stream workshops and introducing portfolio management. Overall, NTT DATA helped the customer moving from a traditional waterfall-oriented organization to a purely agile one.

Bon Preu Transformation

Bon Preu Transformation

The Bon Preu IT area wants to implement new ways of working to achieve a better time-to-market, greater organization, order and focus on the work they do, people engagement and improve their interactions, guaranteeing the quality of the products and services that they give to their customers. We used a Kanban approach to improve efficiency across the unit in the end-to-end processes.

Correos - Agile Organization

Correos - Agile Organization

Correos, the national postal service, wanted to make a closer approach to the client and improve their adaptation to change, efficiency and agility anticipating the requirements of their clients. To ensure the transformation of the organization, the plan was based on 4 axes, all of them supported by new technologies and tools and applying the premises of the agile working environment; culture and organization, products and services, people, customers and users.

Cloud Native Development Using Dedalow

Cloud Native Development Using Dedalow

Dedalow has been applied to a project in the banking industry for developing microservices in Java for the digital onboarding application using the new architecture established by the customer. It demonstrated it can generate important efficiencies to benefit the customer (estimated 40% of better efficiencies compared to traditional coding). In addition to a price reduction, the client obtained a faster time to market, thanks to the application of Dedalow to the project.

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