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Last year, NTT DATA launched a first for golf at The Open – a new virtual viewing experience that allows fans to follow every shot, player, hole, and round in real-time via a Digital Twin of the Championship.
The Digital twin is realized by reflecting color and texture from drone images to create an ultra-precise 3D golf course and by reproducing ball positions in real-time. These data are incorporated into leaderboard, live blog, and ShotView to provide golf fans with an informative and engaging viewing experience.

The 151st Open leaderboard will be available from Thursday, 20 July. Please access the following URL to look at The Open online.

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You can see how ShotView transforms the golf fans' experience.


NTT DATA WALL has an overwhelming presence at the Open venue and delivers real-time excitement to spectators. During the 2023 Championship, the golfers’ face-off will be unfolded at Royal Liverpool and reproduced on ShotView platform in real-time. Highlights of the game extracted by an algorithm will be displayed on the NTT DATA WALL.

Digital human

NTT DATA provides its interactive digital human technology powered by AI to create a unique and engaging onsite experience at the 151st Open.
The digital human – "Lottie" – will be showcased in the NTT DATA hospitality suite; she will entertain onsite visitors, providing insights and information on the Championship and their favorite golf players, and help guide them through conversations. 

A lifelike digital avatar, Lottie replicates human movements and sounds and uses gestures, body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice to give a more human engagement experience.

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ESA Awards

NTT DATA's digital initiatives, including the NTT DATA Wall, were honored to be nominated for an award that recognizes cutting-edge digital technologies and initiatives in the sports world that utilize IT.
NTT DATA was nominated for the 2023 ESA Awards which are the pinnacle of sponsorship recognition in Europe, and winners are recognized as being a leading company.
Among the many sports marketing and sponsorship awards, the ESA Awards feature a wide range of perspectives across a wide range of European sponsorship areas, from arts and culture to esports and gaming.

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ShotView, at The 150th Open, was the recipient of the "Best Technology for Data and Analytics" prize at the prestigious Sports Technology Awards, which took place in New York City in May 2023. NTT DATA is proud to push the boundaries of what is possible and help reshape how sports are enjoyed.

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Best Technology for Data and Analytics

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