The Open


Organized by The R&A (The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews) in the U.K., The Open is one of the four major tournaments in professional golf. With a 162-year-long history, golfers all around the world aspire to compete at the tournament. NTT DATA is an Official Patron of this world-class sporting event and offers groundbreaking solutions for spectators to enjoy the competition in ways never before experienced.


NTT DATA has been an Official Patron and IT Provider of The Open since the 142nd tournament (2013), which was held at the Muirfield Golf Links in Scotland.
In 2022, at the 150th British Open Golf Tournament, NTT DATA will present a variety of solutions as the pinnacle of 10 years of our sponsorship with The R&A.


NTT DATA launches a first for golf at The 150th Open– a new virtual viewing experience that allows viewers to select a course map of their choice and view every shot, player, hole, and round in real-time via a Digital Twin.
The Digital twin is realized by reflecting color and texture from satellite images on a precise 3D golf course and reproducing ball position in real-time. This data is incorporated into the leaderboard, live blog, and ShotView to provide an informative and engaging viewing experience for golf fans.

The 150th leaderboard will be available by July 2023.

Please access from the following URL to have a look at The Open online.

Kaz Nishihata and Laurence Norman from NTT DATA found out how ShotView brought a new golf-watching experience to fans at St. Andrews and at their home as well. ShotView was available on NTT DATA Wall at the old course, St. Andrews. It was also available online, and they could enjoy every shot of every player throughout the four-day tournament.
They explored how ShotView changed the fans' experience and even enjoyed a real game of golf at St. Andrews!


NTT DATA WALL has an overwhelming presence at the Open venue and delivers real-time excitement to spectators. During the 2022 Championship, the golfers’ face-off unfolded at St. Andrews and was reproduced on ShotView platform in real-time. Highlights of the game extracted by an algorithm were displayed on the NTT DATA WALL. Many spectators enjoyed watching golf in front of the NTT DATA WALL screen.


ESA Awards

NTT DATA's digital initiatives, including the NTT DATA Wall, were honored to be nominated for an award that recognizes cutting-edge digital technologies and initiatives in the sports world that utilize IT.

NTT DATA was nominated for the 2022 ESA Awards whch are the pinnacle of sponsorship recognition in Europe, and winners are recognized as being a leading company.
Among the many sports marketing and sponsorship awards, the ESA Awards feature a wide range of perspectives across a wide range of European sponsorship areas, from arts and culture to esports and gaming.

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