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Present State and the Future of Health Data Utilization NTT DATA Envisions

The wellness market is flourishing in response to the rise of health-conscious consumers and increase in health-related social issues. The wellness market endeavors to address the health issues of consumers, and people’s attention is now placed on the “utilization of health data.”

As a result of technological advancement in biosensors, it has become possible for consumers to take their own vital data and lifelogs in their daily life using wearable devices and other health devices. Accordingly, many businesses from various industries are now trying to create new customer experience values utilizing such health data of consumers.

  • CHAPTER 1: Present State of Health Data Utilization
  • CHAPTER 2: Pathway to the Future of Health Data Utilization
  • CHAPTER 3: NTT DATA’s Solutions for Co-creating the Future of Health Data Utilization

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