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Technology Strategy for Achieving a Sustainable Society Together

NTT DATA supports the growth of our clients’ businesses and collaborates with them to realize a sustainable society. To achieve this goal, we have formulated a technology strategy that aims to enhance our capabilities in constructing systems with a deep understanding of customer needs and utilizing advanced technology, as well as bolster our ability to support various corporate systems and industry infrastructure, and connect people, companies, and society.

Our Technology Strategy

  • Define focus technologies and develop proprietary innovations that lead to high productivity and agility in development.
  • Engage in research and development with clients at "Innovation Centers" around the world.
  • Foster the development and utilization of advanced technological assets on a global scale.
  • Cultivate our talent with high technology proficiency to consistently deliver value.

Through these initiatives, we, NTT DATA, plan to actualize our technological potential as a leading global company and maximize the value we deliver to our clients.

Hidehiko Tanaka
Head of Technology and Innovation General Headquarters

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NTT DATA’s Focus Technologies

NTT DATA’s Focus Technologies support the growth of our clients’ businesses and collaborate with them to realize a sustainable society. With these technologies, we intend to develop proprietary innovations that lead to high productivity and agility in development.

Identifying and Developing Cutting-Edge Technologies on a Global Scale

NTT DATA has established Innovation Centers around the world to create technology-driven innovations and accumulate know-how on the use of world-class advanced technologies, while actively participating in joint R&D activities with customers involved in advanced initiatives in various regions.

Academic Collaborations

NTT DATA collaborates with world-class academic institutions and startups as part of our research and development activities. Embracing an open innovation approach, we strive to innovate at the intersection of industry, academia, and startups. Together, we explore and develop game-changing technologies and innovative solutions that benefit businesses and society.


NTT DATA's Foresight on
Technology and Society

Anticipating the future, NTT DATA provides insights into where technology and society are headed to be able to support society’s transformation. NTT DATA Technology Foresight is the compass needle that points at the trends in IT technology currently leading the way, defined based on in-depth research.


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