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We believe that data is the most essential asset for any organization that aims at effectively operating in the digital world. Our mission is to drive transformation through Data & Intelligence. Bringing innovation and foresight to address client challenges as a trusted partner with a complete portfolio of Data & Intelligence services.

Trusted D&I Partner

Our Data and Intelligence (D&I) Strategy considers the following key pillars to accomplish our objective:

Business Value and Social Impact:
Release the potential of D&I to transform business models, services, and operations, pursuing both business profits and a positive impact for individuals. Guarantee trustworthy and responsible vision and practices across the whole value cycle of Data & Artificial Intelligence systems.
Innovation and Experimentation:
Translate technological foresight into applied intelligence, working hand in hand with the D&I innovation ecosystem of research & academia, hyperscalers, and startups.
Industry Expertise:
Combine industry-specific knowledge that we accumulated from decades of working with Fortune 500 companies with the latest Data & Intelligence technologies to build custom solutions that serve the specific needs of the clients and industries that we’re serving.
Build a data & intelligence-driven culture, fostering knowledge sharing and elevating individual capabilities to address new market challenges and demands better. Shape the future of work with a human-centric approach.
Technology Foundation:
Enable top-notch tech capabilities, harnessing the value of data utilization and bringing AI at scale to transform businesses.

A Framework for Building D&I-driven Organizations

In an increasingly competitive environment, with rapid digitalization and high-speed technology rolls, companies in all sectors need to accelerate their innovation process and adoption of new strategies and technologies. Building trust, betting on talent and literacy, boosting AI functions and leveraging the cloud are the main challenges facing organizations.

As an answer to this and relying on the power of data as a core foundation and Artificial Intelligence capabilities as a transformation lever, NTT DATA has developed its own Data and Intelligence framework to guide their clients to become Data and Intelligence driven, covering the end-to-end needs of organizations.

The framework gathers all the expertise and know-how of NTT DATA, providing an end-to-end multidisciplinary vision that includes all business areas. Business Value, Responsible Governance, Core Tech & Next Gen Operations, Ecosystem & Innovation, and Culture & Change management are the different domains that compose the framework and that allow companies to become a Data and Intelligence driven organization.

David Pereira Paz
Head of Data & Intelligence, NTT DATA EMEAL

Telecommunication Engineer by the University of Vigo and PDD by IESE Business School. Partner of the Technology Unit at NTT DATA EMEAL, he is currently responsible for the Data & Intelligence area for Europe and Latam regions and the Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence of the NTT DATA group worldwide. He collaborates as an external professor in Digital Business Schools such as ISDI and for the MBA program of IESE Business School, where he gives lectures related to Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence.


  • CHAPTER 1 What do we really mean by D&I?
  • CHAPTER 2 Why is Data & Intelligence so important?
  • CHAPTER 3 How do you build a Data and Intelligence Organization?

Data & Intelligence Services

Data & Intelligence Strategy

Data & Intelligence (D&I) strategy aims at aligning D&I initiatives with strategic objectives, creating synergies between business lines setting ongoing planning mechanisms and coordination processes. We provide advisory services to help companies build their AI strategy foundation, defining standards & procedures to scale, identify & manage risks related to D&I projects, and fostering responsible use of data and AI algorithms.

Data Management Services

Data is the most essential asset for any organization that aims to leverage analytics and AI to deliver outstanding customer experiences and generate market competitiveness. We provide advisory services to support clients in choosing and implementing the best-of-breed solutions for collecting, organizing, consuming, and governing all of their data.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Reporting and Business Intelligence processes aim at providing actionable information to decision-makers in the fastest and most effective way. These processes are vital for every organization that aims at making data-driven, informed decisions.
We provide advisory services to support clients in defining business KPIs and implementing reporting and Business Intelligence solutions. We cover everything from the tools selection to the implementation of these solutions.

Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI is one of the most important technologies that will continue to significantly impact all industries in the years to come. We provide end-to-end AI and ML services covering everything from the design to the development of AI solutions with a strong focus on AI ethics and AI service design.

Data & Intelligence Governance Services

D&I governance focuses on providing the standards and controls to translate data and AI-driven initiatives into trusted solutions that generate sustainable business value. We support clients in defining and implementing their governance model across the organization and operations.

Architecture Services

Data and AI architectures are the keys to implement solutions that unlock the value from data at scale. In the last few years, we saw an explosion in the number of tools and platforms that, if wisely combined, allow organizations to build and release high-quality data and AI products efficiently.
We provide advisory services to help clients define scalable data and AI architectures that leverage the best-of-breed products/platforms and follow best software development practices.

Our Group Companies' Data & Intelligence

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Our Data & Intelligence Services Expertise

8,000 + Professionals

NTT DATA’s Data & Intelligence practice consists of over 8,000 professionals providing services to Fortune 500 clients in all geographies.

End-to-end Services

NTT DATA provides end-to-end Data & Intelligence services covering the whole cycle of value generation from strategy to the execution of Data & Intelligence projects with a strong focus on innovation, data and AI governance, and AI ethics.

Flexible Delivery Model

With delivery centers in 70+ locations across 25+ countries and 10+ innovation centers worldwide, NTT DATA offers a flexible delivery model that combines near-shore and offshore capabilities. These enable clients to get the best of NTT DATA’s skills and resources for project-based or long-term managed services engagements.

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