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Andrei Cucu

Salesforce Team


Andrei Cucu is based in Romania and is in the last stages of achieving his master’s degree in web technologies while working full-time in the NTT DATA Salesforce team as a developer. Andrei started out as an electrical engineering student but transitioned to web technologies when he realized that he preferred to work using computers rather than designing and building them. He has been with NTT DATA since 2021 and is passionate about photography, personal-development and traveling. So, having a good work-life balance is essential to Andrei.

Love to work across cultures in a client-focused team.

Tell us about an interesting project.

I am a junior member in the Salesforce team working with a well-known German automobile company. My team includes members from Romania, Germany, and Croatia who all work remotely and communicate in a common language, English. We are working to provide a viable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform for our client that we think will enable them to have more meaningful relationships with their whole customer base.

The thing I like most about the project is that, as a newbie to NTT DATA and the working world, I can take what I learned academically about the theoretical concepts and the basics of programming and apply that in real work. To do that well, I get great support from my team and the kind of feedback from the client that I could only get in a real working environment. This provides me with excellent work experience and an opportunity to grow into the role I was hired for.

Describe a regular working day.

I prefer to work in the office rather than at home where I can mingle with the other Salesforce developers and administrators. We can work together and help each other, which is easier done in the same space rather remotely. The office has a number of different teams and being able to interact with them gives me an opportunity to grow and learn from people who do different work from me. I also like the ability to separate working and home life and being in the office helps me achieve that best.

So, I make a coffee at home every morning and head off to the office to work among like-minded positive, helpful, and sociable colleagues. In fact, I even know some people in the office from the college I attend and other external friends’ group. Let’s say that friends and networks are important to us in Romania and the office here is a good reflection of that cultural need.

Why do you like life at NTT DATA?

Easy! My team is very important. That is because we live by the NTT DATA values of putting the Clients First every day we work together. This values is of course important for the client but also for us because we use the feedback we get to grow our knowledge, which can be used not just on this project but on other projects that we are involved in. This is really good for me personally because it helps me to learn what is great NTT DATA workplace practice.

In addition, it is important for me to adhere to my principle of life-long learning. I sometimes feel like I am in a race with myself to learn as much as I can while I am still able to. NTT DATA really aligns with that personal principle because, as well as learning on the job and being supported by my peers, I’m offered access to a huge library of formal learning. That’s why I love working at NTT DATA.

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