Generative AI

NTT DATA's Generative AI strategy supports companies in defining their Generative AI journey, transforming their organizations, developing their Generative AI technology stack, and leveraging industry-specific knowledge to achieve a competitive edge with this game-changing technology.

Generative AI: Driving the Future

Generative AI is a rapidly evolving and disruptive technology that presents both challenges and opportunities for organizations. Successfully navigating this transformation is crucial for staying competitive in the ever-changing business landscape. To unlock its full potential and drive innovation and growth, organizations must prioritize understanding and integrating Generative AI into their processes and business models.

NTT DATA is dedicated to helping companies transform their value chain by creating new products and services, enhancing customer interactions, and revolutionizing internal operations. While efficiency is important, effectiveness is key. Generative AI can help organizations do the right thing, not just do things right. Successfully launching and managing this transformation requires a combination of technology, culture, ethics, and responsibility. NTT DATA can assist companies in selecting the appropriate models, architectures, and partners, as well as developing the right talent while ensuring alignment with regulation and risk management.

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Disrupting Business with Gen AI: Unleashing the Untapped Potential

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What is Generative AI?

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that has the capability to create or produce new content, such as text, images, or music. The "generative" aspect indicates its ability to generate new creations autonomously, simulating the creativity of a human. This technology can optimize human tasks, as the AI can churn out boundless amounts of new content, saving humans valuable time and effort. More remarkably, Generative AI, with its computational power, can make discoveries and create new things that might be challenging or impossible for humans, leading to breakthroughs that can advance different fields.

  • * This description was created by a generative AI.

Our Services

NTT DATA is dedicated to helping organizations unlock the maximum value from Generative AI by transforming their business and value chain. To achieve this goal, it is crucial to establish effective governance of Generative AI strategy and initiatives. This includes considering the importance of cultural and organizational change, as well as training and reskilling talent. With these foundations in place, organizations can develop a successful technology transformation with Generative AI, unleashing its full potential to drive business growth and development.

Organizational Transformation

We support our clients in enterprise-wide initiatives by defining their Generative AI strategy and supporting them in their Generative AI journey, including all the key drivers needed: governance, technology, culture and talent and ethics/regulation. We base these projects on our own Generative AI Office strategy, adapting it to the needs of each specific customer.

Technological Transformation

We also support our clients in assessing their current technology stack, creating a modernization plan, implementing Generative AI solutions, taking advantage of the cloud, ensuring effective AI governance, and providing ongoing support and maintenance. We base these projects on our AI Service Design and Prototyping Studio offering and capabilities and on our Modernization Studio initiative.

Business and Value Chain Transformation

Supporting organizations in a specific industry or business domain, combining our industry/business-specific knowledge and experience and our technical capabilities to leverage Generative AI to achieve their goals and gain a competitive advantage are also within our scope. We focus on transforming the value chain and value offers.

Culture and Talent

Organizations must help employees adopt and make the most of new Generative AI tools by using them responsibly and safely and must also design a future-proof organization that responds to the talent challenges of Generative AI.

Our Solutions

Generative AI solutions use advanced large language models to generate new and original content. NTT DATA offers a range of GenAI services to help businesses leverage the power of AI to drive innovation and growth. From developing custom AI models to integrating world-class models into existing business processes, NTT DATA is helping organizations unlock the full potential of GenAI.

Dolffia by NTT DATA

Dolffia is a multi-cloud Generative AI solution to empower your business by optimizing document processing, enhancing content creation, and accelerating data insights for tailored and scalable industry-specific and cross-functional use cases.


LITRON is a document comprehension AI that can read and comprehend Japanese text quickly and accurately. LITRON® Generative Assistant is the service which combines LLM with LITRON® to enable searching of internal documents and providing responses in a chat format. This advanced service empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of their Japanese language documents and maximize the value derived from them.

Coding by NTT DATA

Coding by NTT DATA is a cutting-edge platform that transforms the way custom code is created and modernizes legacy applications. It provides fast-code services that leverage AI-based internal tools to automate several tasks in the end-to-end process of software development and maintenance, as well as legacy modernization and cloud migration. This innovative technology empowers organizations to streamline their software development processes and maximize the value derived from their applications.

eva by NTT DATA

eva is an enterprise conversational AI platform for creating and managing virtual assistants, using artificial intelligence with Generative AI capable of understanding and delivering hyper-personalized responses to users.


'tsuzumi' is a large-scale language model developed by NTT that is lightweight yet has top-level Japanese language processing capabilities. The parameter size of 'tsuzumi' ranges from 0.6 to 7 billion, which is relatively small, reducing the cost needed for learning and tuning. 'tsuzumi' supports both English and Japanese and allows for inferencing on a single GPU or CPU.


Nucleus is a suite of software products and a cloud-based platform designed by NTT DATA to automate and accelerate enterprise outcomes. With Nucleus-backed delivery, NTT DATA clients benefit from faster, higher quality, more intelligent, agile, and secure services. Generative AI is leveraged through individual products and platform components to enhance Nucleus capabilities and provide even greater value to clients.

Our Team

The Global Generative AI Office will drive a substantial internal transformation, utilizing Generative AI to enhance operational efficiency, foster innovation, and cultivate a forward-thinking corporate culture as well as focus on revolutionizing client value chains through strategic Generative AI applications.

Carlos Galve

Carlos Galve

Co-lead of the Global Generative AI Office, NTT DATA Corporation

Carlos Galve has previously led innovation and strategic investments in EMEAL. With 25 years of experience in technology, innovation, and artificial intelligence, he is a seasoned expert in driving transformative initiatives.
Kenji Motohashi

Kenji Motohashi

Co-lead of the Global Generative AI Office, NTT DATA Corporation

Kenji Motohashi is responsible for the company-wide generative AI strategy and promotion. He has previously been in charge of developing and promoting the standard application framework, NTT DATA's cloud service and professional services for various cloud services in Japan, and the global cloud strategy and collaboration.

Our Partners

NTT DATA has a robust partnership strategy for Generative AI, forming alliances with major and emerging vendors globally to enhance our technological capabilities. We develop assets and accelerators on top of partner products, creating joint offerings and go-to-market programs to help our clients.


NTT DATA has partnered with Microsoft as a Global System Integrator, focusing on Generative AI, delivering reliable and innovative client solutions.


NTT DATA, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner since 2010, offers comprehensive AWS solutions from planning to optimization, using Generative AI to gain a competitive edge.

Google Cloud

NTT DATA, a Premier Google Cloud Partner, utilizes Google Cloud's Generative AI solutions to provide advanced and innovative AI services.

Case Studies

Read how companies in various industries solved their challenges by partnering with NTT DATA.

Awards and Recognition

NTT DATA has been recognized for its innovative use of technologies and solutions that help customers drive innovation. Explore the details of each award below.

NTT DATA’s AI Governance

While the use of AI brings various conveniences, it also presents unique challenges in terms of accuracy and quality control. Effective AI governance is essential to providing reliable and trustworthy AI. NTT DATA aims to establish a fair and trustworthy framework for AI and data utilization, based on a correct understanding of the risks posed by AI and data utilization technologies.


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