Alex Gruber

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Alex Gruber

Sales Executive

United States

Alex Gruber is originally from Denver in the USA and loves nothing more than taking part in outdoor sports like skiing and fly fishing. Once he graduated from school, he moved to the East coast of the USA to go through university to eventually attain an MBA. Throughout university he kept up his interest in outdoor sports and after a few stints working at startups and ventures out east and in Chicago, he decided to move to Sacramento in California where he still lives with his wife, child, and dog. Whenever he can he heads out to lake Tahoe where he can still pursue his love of outdoor sports. He has been with NTT DATA since 2019 and is currently a sales executive in the Health Plan Life Sciences team.

Fulfilment and satisfaction through work

Tell us about an interesting project

As part of the Health Plan Life Sciences team, I wear many hats that help to support the sales efforts of NTT DATA while addressing the needs of our clients in a proactive and sympathetic way. The project I’d like to mention that really stands out to me is the one I was initially involved in. When I first joined the company, I was enrolled into the STEPS training program. My expectation was that I’d get a few handouts, a welcome seminar, handshake and then be put to work. Nothing could have been further from that expectation.

NTT DATA went out of its way to fly me to training every Monday, help me navigate through the ins and outs of life at the company and provide a deep and comprehensive start to my job. I couldn’t believe the amount of dedication they put into nurturing me as a new guy and how much they showed their appreciation of me. To date, it is still the single biggest impact any project has had on me.

Describe a regular working day

Since I finished my initial onboarding STEPS training in 2019/2020, I have been working at home. At first the expectation was that I would be at home 60% of the time and on the road for the other 40%. However, my working pattern changed just as everyone else’s did in 2020 to mean that I started working at NTT DATA fully remotely, and that hasn't changed.

I have to say that I really think that working at home suits me, so I’m glad that I was given the opportunity to continue my role remotely. As my coworkers are mainly based on the East coast of the USA and I am based on the West coast, they are a few hours ahead of me. This means that my mornings are filled with remote meetings and my afternoons are when I can focus on my personal work tasks. It’s the perfect division of time, and seeing as I am at home, I can finish up my work for the day and then be with my family. It’s the perfect work-life balance for me.

Why do you like life at NTT DATA?

I have had the privilege to work for several startups and venture companies since I graduated from university. So, this is the first time I have worked in such a large multinational company. My expectation before starting was that I’d be lost in a sea of new hires and established employees. However, that expectation, to my surprise proved to be completely unfounded.

Instead, from day one I was made to feel welcome and part of the team. What I quickly learned is that NTT DATA really does support its employees through not just training and development but through mentoring and coaching from senior folks. These efforts absolutely help to make you feel appreciated as a member of the team and boost your satisfaction in work and gives you the confidence that you can do a great job. I really am grateful to everyone who has and continues to support me and my development.

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