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Vinay Godugu

Practice Manager


Vinay Godugu is originally from Hyderabad where he has lived for most of his life and still does with his wife and children. He has had some experience studying and working outside of India, in Australia, where he completed his university education and started his first job. He is an avid sportsperson, and loves to play cricket, not just because of the sporting aspect but also so that he and his fellow cricketers can enjoy some quality social time after the game. Vinay has been with NTT DATA since 2014, and currently works as an SAP Practice manager.

Everyday feels like playing on my home turf.

Tell us about an interesting project

My most memorable project is one where I and my team were able to turn around the fortunes of one of our main clients. The team that I manage is a very technical group focused on digital innovation, specifically in the areas of the SAP and cloud application programming. So, when one of our clients asked us to help them with their business technology platform (BTP), we jumped at the challenge.

The issue was that the client was spending a huge amount of money managing just a few applications on their BTP and couldn’t figure out why their operations were so expensive. We saw the need to help them and so took on the responsibility of solving their problem. I personally stepped in to not only lead the project but to be the technical advisor and thanks to the efforts of the whole team we were able to reduce their overhead costs to less than 5% of it’s original. That’s what I call teamwork.

Describe a regular working day

I guess you could say that I have fully embraced the hybrid working style. There are two reasons why I like to work in this way. The first is that at home my work can be very efficient because I can concentrate on the technical tasks I need to do while staying in contact with my team through online meetings and email. This way I can start my day with a delightful cup of tea and can be sure that all tasks can be completed before I’m due to finish work.

The second is that when I go to the office, I can have quality time with the people I work with. Within our office we have fostered an environment of wellbeing, which means that we are very supportive of each other’s mental health. One thing I really enjoy doing when I go to the office is to take some time to go for a walk outside with my coworkers so that we can get some exercise and air while talking about work.

Why do you like life at NTT DATA?

The expression that I would use about my life at NTT DATA is that it feels like playing on my home turf. As I like playing sports, I tend to feed off the atmosphere created at work and at NTT DATA I would say that the atmosphere is like playing in a large sports stadium. I feel that the collaboration and teamwork are great and the mind-set of always pushing to innovate and tackle new challenges suits my personality well.

Everything from the initial start point, the journey through the first few years at the company and the leadership qualities of management means that we are always innovating, always learning new things, and always challenging ourselves. That's why I love NTT DATA.

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