Telecom, Media & Technology

Accelerate digital transformation with leading-edge IT technology and services to deliver enhanced customer experiences and drive new revenue sources.

Drive unprecedented business and customer innovation

Telecom and media leaders have evolved into technology companies that value agility and responsiveness. Realizing the potential for new revenue opportunities requires organization-wide transformation.

As a global leader in telecoms, media and IT services, we offer the expertise and strategic partnerships to enable customer-centric digital transformation. This enhances operational efficiency, customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Case Studies

Read how companies in the telecom, media & technology industries solved their challenges by partnering with NTT DATA.

Our Services

We can design new service offerings and smarter operations that adapt to the complex needs of enterprise customers and develop go-to-market strategies that reduce time to value and maximize operator revenues.

B2B Transformation & Sales

Optimize sales and marketing, create a differentiated B2B value proposition and transform enterprise engagement strategies.

5G & Infrastructure

Evolve your network to a fully virtualized and autonomously managed communications and cloud infrastructure backed by 5G. Prepare your business for the future.


Define new operating models with automation and disruptive technologies to reduce cost and improve efficiency.

Channels & Digital Interactions

Build a long-term sustainable advantage with seamless, unified and multi-channel customer journeys and experiences.

Digital Services

Develop and sell value-added digital services, marketplaces and platforms with effective positioning and technology development.

IT Transformation

Design a truly agile digital experience with IT strategies that leverage cloud-based solutions.

Data-driven Telco

Optimize network performance, identify potential 5G rollouts and get closer to customers with data-driven tools.


Compete with hyperscale cloud providers by adopting and integrating fully cloud-native network and business practices.


Develop sophisticated content delivery platforms through experience design, content management and behavior analysis.

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