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Culture & Values

NTT DATA aims to ensure that many of our activities are aimed at ensuring that all employees, internalize the common core values of Clients First, Foresight, and Teamwork.

Our Values Built Culture

It is very important for all employees working in more than 50 countries to have the common core values of Clients First, Foresight, and Teamwork so that cross-border teams can work together effectively and autonomously with the same values for a diverse range of clients.
Since 2014 Values Week has been an important activity which takes place in the last week of May. Workshops and discussions are held across the organization to get employees thinking about and sharing our core values and Group vision.

Flexible workstyle to “Be the best place to work”

At NTT DATA, employees enjoy a flexible workstyle. We promote a better work-life balance, innovation, and creativity for all. With advancing technology, many of our employees work a combination of on-site and remotely. Remote workstyle helps breaking down location barriers and to give access to a broader pool of talents. Having remote employees from different geographic areas also helps us in adding perspectives to our company. Having this focus on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion becomes more essential for us than ever.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

NTT DATA works hard to attract, retain and develop our employees through a diverse and inclusive workplace with no limitations to geography, gender or generation.

At NTT DATA, we place real significance on creating an environment where a variety of different voices are encouraged and heard. These voices come from people of different gender, sexual orientation, race, age and ethnicity. We respect the diversity of employees and maximize their capabilities to enhance corporate vitality.


We treasure our employees' development

At NTT DATA, our diverse workforce is our power of innovation. In addition to local training opportunities, we have developed training programs across the globe to ensure we nurture future international leaders.

Global Leadership Program

The Global Leadership Program is one of our essential development programs, instituted in 2010 when NTT DATA embarked on its global expansion journey.

Partnering with INSEAD, one of the world top business school faculties, our executive trainees worldwide come together to evolve their leadership mindset and skills effective in the VUCA world, exchange their extensive knowledge and experiences, as well as explore critical corporate agendas.

Next Generation International Community

NTT DATA places great importance on collaborative learning among employees. One of these across the border is the Millennials Community NINGEN, our international network for young talents.

Our young talents, the driving force of tomorrow at NTT DATA, join various events such as forums and informal dialogue sessions where young employees discuss topics of interest or learn from colleagues in different parts of the world. At the annual all hands, hundreds of our colleagues have the chance to spend a fun-filled time learning and open-line dialogues with executives on the future of NTT DATA.

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