Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Bloom The Power of Diversity

NTT DATA established new statement of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at 2021 for endorsing this initiative.

Bloom the Power of Diversity

Our Mission:

"Using information technology to create new paradigms and values, which help contribute to a more affluent and harmonious society."

NTT DATA, whose mission resonates with its global members and clients, has a cultural foundation of diversity, equity and inclusion.

The effort of deriving the optimal solution from rapidly evolving technology options for each client is our innovation which blooms like a circle around our clients with the depth of different perspectives brought by our employees.

We will further promote respectful work environments to maximize the capabilities of each individual, and work to create continuous value for all.

With the organization change in October 2022, we are glad to welcome NTT Ltd. to our group. We respect NTT Ltd's DEI Statement in a harmonious manner in driving our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion goals. Together, we are One Team at NTT DATA.