Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

NTT DATA empowering female talent

For over a decade, NTT DATA has focused on empowering female colleauges and supporting their growth throughout their career lifecycle.
NTT DATA has decreased the gender gap across the organisation to drive creativity and a more diverse point of view, to better support the demands of an ever changing society.

Manager, DEI promotion office, Global Human Resources Headquaters Yayoi Toyoshima

Yayoi Toyoshima
Manager, DEI promotion office, Global Human
Resources Headquaters

Yayoi Toyoshima is engaged in DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) promotion across the company. She is involved in initiatives to promote support for the diverse workforce using their personal strengths in the organsiation

Conversation of female professional golfer and business professional in NTT DATA

NTT DATA, a sponsor of the AIG Women's Open, has been hosting a series entitled Champions in Conversation, featuring conversations between NTT DATA's top talent and the golf champions.

In episode 2, Mona Charif, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at NTT DATA Services, talked with Brittany Lang, the 2016 U.S. Women's Open champion. They discussed their careers leading up to this point, including the successes and challenges they have faced along the way.

NTT DATA is proud to support female talent, both through our sponsorships and our employees. This support and sponsorship empowers all those to continue to take on challenges and further their careers.

Champions in Conversation Episode 2

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Active Participation from Diverse Human Resources

NTT DATA is actively engaged in creating environments in which diverse human resources can fully participate and display their abilities to the highest extent possible, regardless of their gender, nationality, age, disability, type of employment, culture, custom, lifestyle, value, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Goals for Advancing Women’s Careers

Following the enactment of the Act of the Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace in Japan, NTT DATA formulated an action plan for developing the necessary environment for advancing women. It also gave us an opportunity to once again reflect upon past initiatives, and we intend to consistently and steadily work toward achieving our goals through a Companywide effort.

[WEPs Principle 1] High-Level Corporate Leadership

[WEPs Principle 7] Measurement and Reporting

Goals for Advancing Women’s Careers (Non-consolidated)

Plan period From April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2026
NTT DATA issues
  1. While there were no outstanding issues regarding gender discrimination in hiring or the state of continuous employment between men and women, we must continue working to increase job applications by female students and develop the population of female science students applying for jobs.
  2. Low percentage of women in deputy manager positions that make up the population of top management and other management positions, and candidates for management positions. Necessary to increase these percentages.
  3. In order for women to be more active, it is necessary to create an environment and foster a corporate culture in which women and men can take care of their children and share household chores without gender bias, and can balance work and family.
Quantitative targets
  • Target 1Continue raising the percentage of female recruits to above 30% by the end of fiscal 2025
  • Target 2Increase the percentage of female managers to 10% by the end of fiscal 2025
  • Target 3Increase the number of women in senior management positions (directors, heads of organizations, etc.) to at least 15 by the end of fiscal 2025
  • Target 4Increase the percentage of male child care leaves to 30% by the end of fiscal 2025

Initiatives Aimed at Encouraging the Empowerment of Women

NTT DATA is placing particular focus on strengthening its diversity initiatives aimed at encouraging the empowerment of women. We conduct career development training to meet our target ratios for female employment and our objectives concerning the number of women working in management positions. Rounding out our varied diversity initiatives, we are also implementing diversity training for management.

[WEPs Principle 1] High-Level Corporate Leadership

[WEPs Principle 4] Education and training for gender equality

[WEPs Principle 7] Measurement and Reporting

Primary Initiatives for Advancing Women in the Workplace

  • Transmission of messages from top management through our in-house website
  • Forums where top management discuss their own thoughts regarding diversity
  • Diversity management training for current managers
  • Formulation of development plans and monitoring for female employees
  • Outside training for female candidates for leadership positions
  • Seminars for promoting career development for employees on or about to take childcare leave
  • Three-party career development consultations for employees who return from leave, such as childcare or nursing care leave
  • Women’s Initiative @ NTT DATA, voluntary activities by women in management positions
  • Introduction of profiles and career descriptions of diverse women in management positions via the Women’s Advancement website

Women’s Initiative

We are promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion throughout NTT DATA Group through sessions on active roles of women in society and business in “NTT DATA Global Conference” where leaders from around the world gather.

[WEPs Principle 1] High-Level Corporate Leadership

[WEPs Principle 7] Measurement and Reporting

As of March 31, 2019(Consolidated)
  • *3As of March 31, 2019(Consolidated)
NTT DATA Global Conference

NTT DATA Global Conference

Aiming toward the society where we no longer need to use the phrase, “women's initiative”
featuring initiatives by NTT DATA Romania

NTT DATA extends arms around the world today. Among many, NTT DATA Romania keeps its women proportion on management level the highest.
Maria Metz, the newly appointed CEO of NTT DATA Romania, introduces strong passion behind the initiative and some of the actions they take to tackle the issue.

Here at NTT DATA Romania we foster a gender-friendly and diversity leadership selection. Our Leadership Team and the leadership style it promotes is the living proof.

With an average of 40% women in management roles as well as in total number of colleagues,gender balance has never been an issue, but the normality.

I take this opportunity to express our on-going commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, and to better understand our roles to impact meaningful change. We are committed to continuing our ability to deliver opportunity and enrichment for all because we know that diversity will help us deliver the best.

Maria Metz

Maria Metz


Upgrading Childcare and Nursing Care Systems

We are implementing various measures in terms of childcare support and, based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, received the Kurumin Next-Generation Certification Mark from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in 2008. Since then, we have continued to receive this certification, most recently in December 2017. In terms of support for nursing care, NTT DATA has since 2011 enabled employees to use the remote nursing care support services provided by the NPO Umi wo Koeru Care no Te with the aim of offering direct support to employees with nursing responsibilities at home. We also introduce the initiative in seminars on nursing care held four times a year to provide employees with a wide range of information and enhance their awareness.

[WEPs Principle 2] Treat all Women and Men Fairly at Work without Discrimination

In-House Day-Care Center, the Egg Garden

Stemming from an idea raised by employee volunteers, we established the Egg Garden, an in-house day-care center for our employees on the first floor of the Toyosu Center Building Annex in Tokyo, in December 2011. We support the continuation of employees’ careers by creating an environment in which employees can give birth and take a leave of absence with peace of mind and return to work as early as planned. Ten children were registered for the monthly childcare service, and 93 children were registered for the temporary childcare program in fiscal 2018. We will continue promoting use of the facility.

[WEPs Principle 2] Treat all Women and Men Fairly at Work without Discrimination

Principal Systems (Non-consolidated)

Principal Childcare Systems Principal Nursing Care Systems
  • Childcare leave
    Childcare leave can be extended until the child reaches four years of age.
    The deadline for application to return to work is one month prior to the expected return.
  • Nursing care leave
    Nursing care leave can be extended up to a maximum of 18 months.
  • Shorter working hours for childcare
    Shorter working hours for childcare are available until the child completes his or her third year of elementary school.
    The application deadline for shorter working hours is two weeks prior to the start.
  • Shorter working hours for nursing care
    Shorter working hours for nursing care are available for a maximum of three years separate from nursing care leave.

LGBTQ+ and Sexual Minority Initiatives

NTT DATA is promoting initiatives that support sexual minorities, such as those in the LGBTQ+ community, from the standpoint of creating environments that allow for active participation from a diverse range of human resources. In addition to messages from top management, we are promoting initiatives, such as workplace seminars that promote understanding regarding LGBTQ+ issues, an LGBTQ+ helpline, annual LGBTQ+ seminars, and recruiting and behavior guidelines for “allies,” straight supporters of LGBTQ+ rights. There are now more than 570“ allies.” Starting in fiscal 2018, we have expanded systems concerning employees’ spouses and families in traditional households to include same-sex partners. In addition, we participated in the LGBTQ+ parade on April 28, 2019.

Discussion in the LGBTQ+ seminar

Discussion in the LGBTQ+ seminar

Original LGBTQ+ t-shirt and flag

Original LGBTQ+ t-shirt and flag

[WEPs Principle 2] Treat all Women and Men Fairly at Work without Discrimination

Promoting Employment of People with Disabilities

To help employees with disabilities realize their potential, NTT DATA has sought to create various work opportunities through NTT DATA DAICHI Corporation, a special subsidiary established in July 2008. In addition to its initial operations, NTT DATA DAICHI began providing web accessibility assessment duties in fiscal 2012. In fiscal 2015, it began handling in-house delivery of reference materials as well as screening and approval of application forms. It started convenience store back office duties in fiscal 2016 and management of beverage vending machines installed in the Toyosu Center Building in fiscal 2018. Moreover, following the expansion of each of the Company’s business operations, we continue to maintain hiring activities in collaboration with vocational training schools for persons with disabilities.


IT Services Office Business
  • Maintenance and upgrades of internal and external websites for NTT DATA and Group companies
  • Basic skills training in website production for persons with disabilities
  • Web accessibility
  • Answering and redirecting calls made to main switchboards
  • Long-term storage and management of internal documents
  • Collection and shredding of confidential documents
  • Production of employee IC cards
  • Office cleaning and greenery maintenance
  • Printing (Business cards, training texts, and other documents)
  • Delivery of in-house documents
  • Screening and approval of application forms
  • Convenience store back office duties
  • Management of beverage vending machines installed in the building

Promoting Reemployment of Retired Workers

The NTT DATA Group has introduced the “master system” and the “career staff system” for employees who wish to be rehired after mandatory retirement, creating an environment in which they can continue working vigorously until the age of 65. The “master system” is a full-time and monthly work system that is expected to achieve a certain level of results and performance by utilizing the work experience, ability to perform duties, and knowledge and skills acquired up to the mandatory retirement age, and by performing duties autonomously and independently as well as providing advice and support to younger employees. The “career staff system” offers routine work on hourly basis and work schedules and career staff can design their own work schedule.
Additionally, we have established a child and nursing care consulting service to help our employees feel secure in managing both work and child and nursing care. This service provides consultations regarding related systems and provides information and advice in response to the various doubts and distress that our employees may experience in their everyday lives. We hold nursing care seminars tailored to our employees’ needs four times per year in order to provide support. We also incorporate balancing nursing care with work into our life plan training for 35- and 50-year-old employees. These initiatives are aimed at fostering an organizational climate that allows our employees to manage work with their private care needs. In addition to these initiatives, we have also joined the remote nursing care support services offered by the NPO, Umi wo Koeru Care no Te, providing direct nursing care support for our employee.

[WEPs Principle 2] Treat all Women and Men Fairly at Work without Discrimination

Life Plan Training

NTT DATA provides training and incentives for each age group to strike a work–life balance while offering total support for their life plans. We will continue to offer training and help for employees in designing their life plans in balance with work.

[WEPs Principle 4] Education and training for gender equality

Major Training and Activities in Fiscal 2018(Non-consolidated)

Target Content of Training Activities in Fiscal 2018
All employees
  • Cafeteria Plan System
  • Asset formation via asset-building savings plans
  • Turning points in life (marriage, childbirth, buying a home)
Conducted online since fiscal 2018
  • Metabolic syndrome and self-care
  • Public pension system and Company pension system
  • Revisions in insurance and housing costs, savings and investment
  • Revisions in insurance and housing costs, savings and investment
  • Revisions in insurance and housing costs, savings and investment
  • Nursing care and inheritance
Mandatory retirement age
  • Retirement benefits, corporate pensions, public pensions
  • Work options after retirement (internal system)
  • Financial planning
121 employees participated in four sessions

Support for Continuing Careers

In order to help employees balance childbearing and rearing, nursing care, and work responsibilities with less worry, the NTT DATA Group is upgrading its leave systems while enhancing employee understanding and improving the workplace environment that makes these systems easier to use.

[WEPs Principle 2] Treat all Women and Men Fairly at Work without Discrimination

[WEPs Principle 4] Education and training for gender equality

Other Primary Initiatives in Support of Career Continuation

  • Offer an environment in which employees on childcare or nursing care leave can continue to view Company information
  • Introduce childcare and nursing care leave systems and offer a communication handbook that provides support for those balancing care and work
  • Hold seminars that support simultaneous management of work and nursing care
Discussion in the LGBT seminar