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Jeppe Balshøj Ebbesen

Supply Chain Management


Jeppe Balshøj Ebbesen works in the Supply Chain Management (SCM) department in NTT DATA Business Solutions a/s. He, his partner, and their child live in Vejle. They were recently able to purchase some land and built their own house from where Jeppe does most of his work. Jeppe is an avid handball player and as with sports likes to bring a competitive spirit into most things he does, including his work with NTT DATA.

We make good things happen for our clients, even when the challenges are large.

Tell us about an interesting project.

I have traditionally worked with industries that include manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, food production, and chemical production. However, recently I have joined a big SAP S/4 migration project for a utility company here in Denmark. It’s my first role in S/4 cloud implementation, so it’s been exciting for me to be involved in the definition and design of a new scalable ERP platform.

However, the most memorable ERP project for me so far has been with a meat producer in Poland owned by a Danish company I have been involved with the project since 2020, and the reason why it is so memorable is due to the size of the project. It covers a solution landscape of eight production sites with multiple layers of manufacturing and execution systems that we need to interface. Furthermore, there are forty distribution centers and fifty shops which all have to go live at once. This level of complexity is big and exciting and is still ongoing until we get a go-live date sometime in the future.

Describe a regular working day.

For me, almost every week is different, but given the choice I prefer to work at home. On the flip side, my office is only twenty minutes away from my house, which means I can easily go there if there is a face-to-face meeting that needs to happen. However, if there are no face-to-face meetings planned, I like the flexibility of working at home because I often start my day quite early, something around 6-7 am including. This is great for me as an early bird who likes to get things done during the quiet time of the day.

On balance though, I spend two or three days working at home and the other days either in the office or at the client’s site, which is good because it makes my working week quite flexible. This is important to my family too because my partner is a nurse, and so when she has to be at the hospital I can be at home with our child. Yes, this type of hybrid working is perfect for my personal approach to work and for my family dynamic too.

Why do you like life at NTT DATA?

The key word is trust. Even though we are part of a large multinational company, here in Denmark, we follow the cultural direction of having a flat hierarchy where people are given some freedom to exercise their judgement without oversight. This means that we can talk to anyone freely about any business topic within the company, no matter what their job title is. We are encouraged understand information ourselves and to make decisions based on our own conclusions. I believe this makes work at NTT DATA smooth and allows me to have a significant input to my work, which I think positively impacts the business output too.

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