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Ziggy Mormur

Senior Director for Security and Facilities

United States

Ziggy Mormur hails from Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania and currently lives in rural Virginia in an historic home with his wife and daughter. He was previously a serving member of the US military for 16 years and has visited a lot of countries in the Mediterranean and Middle East areas. Since he left the military, he has specialised in providing security consulting for US government agencies. He has been with NTT DATA since 2006 and enjoys collecting IndyCar memorabilia.

Working closely with government to make sure NTT DATA is the best in class.

Tell us about an interesting project.

One really memorable project that I recall is that I was involved in the acquisition of Dell Services and the subsequent integration process. It was the first time that I had been involved in the purchase of a company, so it was really interesting for me. The reason I was involved is that we had to divide Dell Services into two parts, similar to how we run things at NTT DATA in that it was sequestered into a portion that dealt with Government and the associated rules, and a portion that did usual technology consulting. There was a lot of juggling during the acquisition to decide which parts of the business had to be sequestered and which didn’t. The main reason being that it’s better for the business to keep as much out of the sequestered part as is legally possible to avoid unnecessary red tape.

It was an interesting project for me because I had to deal with a lot of lawyers and the legal side of the acquisition, so I got to see things from a different angle and learn some of the legal stuff too.

Describe a regular working day.

I am in charge of security and facilities for the federal part of the public sector. To work with the US government, we have to create a separate company that works between NTT DATA main company and government agencies. So, my work is to manage the separation between the various entities to make sure that we all adhere to the rules created by the government about Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence (FOCI).

I used to drive into the office everyday which was 90 minutes each way, but since the pandemic hit, I have been able to work from home even though I have quite a mission sensitive role in the company. That means that I can still perform the vital role of making sure that we all follow the rules set out between NTT DATA Fed and NTT DATA, while also handling all of the specific contract security requirements for supporting the US Government.

Why do you like life at NTT DATA?

A lot of people probably said this, but the best thing about working at NTT DATA is the people. Right from the top we have great leadership, which for me promotes a happy ship, and that permeates right through the company. In my case, I have a lot of unique and in-demand skills, so I could pretty much pick where I want to work, but I have honestly never considered leaving.

The local leadership team invest a lot in making NTT DATA a great place to work. They even, right at the start of the pandemic, decided that it was important to create an office space that made us employees feel special. I go there from time to time now so that I can touch base with my coworkers face-to-face, and it really is a great place to work. I’ve been very happy at NTT DATA since I arrived and I’m looking forward to many more years.

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