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Yasemin Kelkit

Head of Team HCM/SuccessFactors


Yasemin currently lives and works in Bielefeld in Germany. Bielefeld is her hometown, and it is also where she studied for a degree in International Business. After completing her degree, she wanted to experience the challenge of working overseas and so chose to work at NTT DATA in Istanbul, Turkey in 2015. She was there for one year before returning to Germany to continue her career with the Service-HR Team at Managed Services as an SAP Remote Consultant specializing in Human Capital Management (HCM) and SuccessFactors. In her free time, she loves to write and recently had a 13-episode screenplay accepted for TV broadcast.

Exploring my creativity and innovation in the workplace.

Tell us about an interesting project.

I have an interesting story about video creation, which is outside of my normal work tasks but something I was really excited to be involved with. We needed to improve our internal onboarding days to make them more efficient and impactful, and so I came up with the idea of making animated videos that would introduce the central business areas of the company. I was happy to concept, storyboard, create, and even provide some of the voiceovers in the videos in 2021. I got a lot of positive feedback and now they are used for all new hires.

One of the great things about working at NTT DATA is that if you have a good idea about how to improve something or adapt how we work, we can present that to management, and they are pretty open to letting us explore those ideas. That is where the concept of making the videos came from, and I was really happy to be given the chance to give it a go.

Describe a regular working day.

I work with the personnel departments within our client companies providing HCM solutions. We take the client’s processes and structures and embed them into our SAP systems. Within the Managed Services division, I take responsibility for managing and especially customizing our client’s existing SAP HCM systems and contribute to consulting on solving customer issues and helping them to implement innovative solutions for their established processes.

I work remotely to the client’s site, but in effect that means I’m either working at home or in our office. Usually, I work 2 days at home and 3 days in the office. Both have their advantages for me because at home I can be focused and concentrate on tasks that I need to complete alone and without distractions. Whereas, at the office I can have ad hoc meetings and touch points with people in order to discuss ideas quickly and get things done collaboratively.

What's great about NTT DATA?

When I worked in Istanbul I was made to feel really at home and welcomed, even though I was coming from overseas. I wasn’t sure what the office environment would be like when I returned to work at NTT DATA in Germany, but I was surprised and happy to find that it was the same as in Turkey in that everyone was friendly, helpful, and open-minded. Here, I am surrounded by people with whom I can share my personal working-mindset: cool head, working hands, warm heart.

The atmosphere here in Bielefeld is very supportive and relaxing at the same time. One of the things I love to do when I come to the office is to have lunch with my team and sometimes walk around outside the office and take in the beautiful landscape with them while we talk with each other, not just about work but about personal things too. I don't think I could get that anywhere else, which is why I enjoy my work at NTT DATA so much.

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